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  • Day40

    Moorea, French Polynesia

    March 3, 2020, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ 🌧 81 °F

    Today we arrived in Moorea, French Polynesia.
    It is another island that is an old volcano. There are rugged, jagged peaks that have rather ominous clouds hanging around them. In fact, as we were just about to get off the ship this morning, it started to pour rain, so, after our experience in Tahiti, we waited for a bit until it stopped and got a good walk in the steamy, hot weather. When you sweat as much as we did, your first drink at happy hour is strictly for rehydration😉. We got off onto a road than went into the center of the island, so we saw some of the residences of people who live and work here. There were quite a number of very small agricultural farms primarily growing pineapples. The island is lush and verdant with tropical plants everywhere.
    Moorea is just 12 miles from Tahiti, so many people have weekend homes here and take the 30 minute ferry to get here.
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