Zon, zee, strand omdat het kan.
  • Day8

    Last but not least

    January 12, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Checking out and booking a sailboat at the same time... off course getting as much as we can out of this holiday.
    Together with Thijs an awesome trip living for the perfect trip aiming high and getting the most out of it. We pushed the boat ourselves and made it back in a few tries ;-). When back at the hotel we lunched, packed out bags and started the journey home. Traveling is easy but under certain circumstances everyrhin can always be very difficult. We were a team and made it happen 'smoothly'. Home is were the heart is and in my case she was waiting for my arrival (L).Read more

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  • Day7

    Kayaking, Supping, Snorkeling, Drinking

    January 11, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Well that's that. Breaky, Relax a little, Kayak tour around 11 getting to a beach and a little further and a little extra further to see if the guide would follow us... she didn't. Well we went with the wind and bacl against it but still is was easy getting there and back within the hour. Imagine what we would do in the 3 hours that we could have got for it. We were fitter than average I suppose. Because after lunch me and my mum went supping which was easy enough for my first time. I think I still am used to windsurf boards and other balance games. Mums went very good for a 60plus lady since it looks easy, you need a lot of balance and some strength. I went to a docking place for a particular boat a bit further in sea and towards klein Bonaire to find out that it wasn't a waterski jump.
    When back a little snorkeling and I think i came to close to a stone fish since it really scared me off by it's behavior and sudden movements.
    Drinking came after, a workout also and some cleaning up in the room. A little before 8 we went together via a taxi ride to Kralendijk to eat at the Cuba Company. When we stepped out we had suddenly one of the best fireworks shows of the year. Really amazing stuff went up in the air. The food was good and the place really nice. After a few hours we were done and ready to return and go for a longer nights rest ;-). I fell a sleep very quick.
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  • Day6

    Slagbaai tour and relax

    January 10, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Oh yesterday I forgot to tell about the Pelikaan droppings. They were hunting for fish and do that by falling from high above in to the water. Also I forgot tp mentiom that we went to Little Havana where it was crowded with dutch people. The music was all round and even with dutch lyrics we walked there and back after a few beers. Had a very good time.
    Today it was all about the road trip to the north part of the island. Slagbaai national park. But first I had to run a little to get/ stay a little in shape. 5km was enough in this heat early in the morning. It will wake you up though.
    The second day here we asked some locals that worked at the bar what we should order when one is feeling sick and they told and showed us how to use and eat Aloë Vera. The guy ate it fully we tried it but it is not so nice ;-). Today Sam had some skin irritations and on our way to slagbaai we looked for aloë vera. We found it at the entrance ;-). We managed to get our well deserved discounts at the entrance and did a very long trip which you should only do with a bigger car. Thankfully we had one but even this one had troubles here and there. We overcame those and had a great time driving through dense cactus bushes and past beautifull beaches and rock formations. The semi flat tire in the rear made us drive even slower when we found out about it. But the road was so bumpy that driving faster wasn't an option anyway.
    We made it to the tankstation in time and filled it up without any problems. Back in the hotel we did some pizza for lunch since we were late for the buffet. More beaching was the plan and so a little extra snorkeling was obvious. I found the floating frame underwater that Sam passed when diving. The challenge was if I could swim through it since it was somewhere between 8 & 10 meters deep. Without any problems I got to it... while filming I had to clear my ears on the way down and the way up. Being underwater was almost to familiar because sometimes I am not in a hurry to get above. With fins you can go really quick but your ears have to adapt also.
    Relaxing in the sun after and enjoying some drinks on the peer and seeing another sun setting. The evening brought us good food and a few cocktails at the bar. A lot off laughing with Thijs hickupping and me falling in to a laughing spree. Good untill bedtime.
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  • Day5

    Kralendijk shops & diving klein Bonaire

    January 9, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Met 3 vrouwen op stap... dan moet er toch echt gewinkeld worden. En zo gingen we Kralendijk weer in om wat winkeltjes af te struinen. Toen iedereen wat souvernirs had ingeslagen was het weer tijd voor een drankje. Weer op de pier bij Karels dat was weer heerlijk genieten. Erna terug naar het hotel en ik moesr even snel wat lunchen om op tijd op de boot te zijn. De duiken waren aan de noordzijde van klein bonaire en er was weer van alles te zien onder water. Met een aantal duikers lekker langs het rif heen en weer en een ander groepje deed een cursus lionfish hunting. Wij zagen er zeker 5 of 6 per duik en zij kwamen er met 6 totaal boven. Wij hebben er dus genoeg gezien voor een paar mooie shots en zij genoeg voor op de BBQ.
    Na "just a nice dive" zo heet die spot gingen we rap terug naar het hotel en was het alweer over 5e. Geen strand meer dus dan maar douchen en chillen want we zouden gaan BBQ-en rond 6e. Er was ook een bandje.... en nu kom ik erachter dat ik alles in het Nederlands aan t schrijven ben.... ze praten hier ook allemaal nederlands dus zo gek is het niet haha ;-).
    Het bandje speelde van die super vrolijke caribische muziek en daar bleven we nog even van genieten met een cocktailtje of 2 na het eten. Prima dag weer, dat duiken is toch weer vermoeiender dan je zou verwachtten.
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  • Day4

    Lac Cai and dive to Hilma Hooker

    January 8, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    A really good day, I found a way to sleep better with the howling (which is something I brought from home ;-)). Apparently my mum loves my music and with the speaker on a volume that overules snorring the night was over within a few songs :-). Only the drinks needed to exit the body during the night but further more I woke up fit even after only 6 hours of sleep and the workout of last night. Having my own made coffee in the morning sun was the best start of the day. After breaky we drove to Lac Cai and looked around in this area. With all the shells from long ago it was a pritty sight. The trip brought us back via the right side and the AH supermarket. A quick lunch for me and ready to go diving. The boat was full and the dive master was Dutch the location was near the saltfields and also planes landed just behind us. The shipwreck was called the Hilma Hooker and was never salvaged from the bottom because the owner had marihuana on board (they say ;-) ). They also said they burned the marihuana when found and the smoke went to Aruba and therefore it is now "one happy island" :-). The wreck was big and cool to see. The depth was 30meters and the stern was higher up. We saw very big fish called Tarpons and barracudas and more nice fish even a squid in the end.
    Back on the boat we got to an other spot where only 2 went in to get a big lion fish and they got it. Pulled it out and killed it but that took minutes since it wouldn't die easy. The Lion Fish came here recently and is grown to be a threat to the other fish so they started hunting them to regain the balance again.
    After this we wanted to go but we had some engine problems. I looked over the shoulder of Spider but he fixed it within a minute.
    Back in the hotel it was cocktail time on the beach amd it was super. A bit later we went to the room for a shower and to get ready for diner and some drinks with it.
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  • Day3

    Salt fields, Slave houses and relax

    January 7, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Woke up a bit more tired due to the wolves in the night ;-) but with the same schedule as yesterday it would be a relaxed day anyway. We got the rental car for a few short trips across the island. We did the salt fields and the little slave houses today. Driving to the south part of the island these showed up fast enough since the island is not that big. We passed a lot of kitesurfers at one point since that was the best spot for it. Little boats helped the kitesurfers when they drifted to far from the horde ;-). The salt fields had different colours and for ships they had pilars near the sea that marked the different sorts of salt there. The pilars are red, white, blue and orange for representing the dutch flag. The houses were for the slaves that used to work there. Now you see more machines and tourists than something else but the salt is still a product foe export. The right side of the island had much bigger waves and watching them was great. Back to the hotel for some lunch and more relaxing around the beach for the day. Sam did her first dive and had a great time also. The sunset looked great especially with these cruise ships leaving the island. Like yesterday I did my workout but a bit rougher and tougher to really feel it this time. Plan is to do sports everyday and diving is a sport for sure ;-). Diner was again good and we could even keep it a healthy one. Some wine some cocktails before and after and all was good for the day.Read more

  • Day2

    Sunny days

    January 6, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Waking up with the sun shining in to the room is what I call a wonderfull start of the day. Breakfast buffet with plenty to choose from is a nice addition and not having to do anything is just perfect. So we went walking to Kralendijk and sat on bar that was located on a peer. The corona was just before 12 but very pleasant. Walking back seeing some local stores and some sight seeing spots made it almost feel like a holiday. Everybody speaking dutch didn't the mentality on the island is also really relaxed, happy and honest. The sun did a very good job on my right arm even with sunscreen on and back in the hotel it was time for lunch. Sadly Petra became tired quickly and needed some rest. After lunch we did a bit of planning about diving on this beautifull island. All early boats were already full so I would go for the afternoon dives. Hopefully the wreck and maybe some other exotic spots. After this introduction we headed for the beach where first a tequila sunrise was a must. Shortly after did snorkeling made me realise again how extraordinary this underwater world is. In a second dive I spotted schools of colorfull fish, trigger fish, a murene, barracudas, trumpet fish, a lot of parot fish and plenty of beautifull coral just in the reef in front of the hotel. I was so caught up un this that I forgot time and temperature. So after more than an hour and just before sunset I returned from my discovery snorkel trip and enjoyed a pina colada while watching sun set. From this moment on we didn't think of leaving the beach and enjoyed the view and conversations untill darkness came. Time for some workouts, some did them on the beach (like Sam) some in the room (like me) and some did none (like Thijs & Carla allthough Carla made herself usefull for Petra and myself, she knows now that assisting in squats isn't without risks, sorry mum). Warm again and clean after a nice shower it was time for diner. With a nice red cabernet (while we ordered merlot ) we ate untill 10 ish. Getting Petra some food to recover a bit from the busy trip and a rough day. Afterwards a cocktail or 2 at the beachbar made us finish the day in style.Read more

  • Day1

    Travel time 12 hours, distance 8086km

    January 5, 2019 in Aruba ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    The sun is far from home apparently. Since it took a while to get there but movies make it go fast.
    Waiting is also fast forwarded when you have someone in a wheelchair. On the Dreamliner life is good and flyjng with time makes the day very long but sleep got me only a short hour. After more than 11 hours we landed, but not on Bonaire.
    The stop on Aruba was short but long enough to go through al the unnecessary security checks again.
    The plane was also suddenly full and we got scattered through the whole airplane since this time we were last to board. No worries but made it complicated getting Petra from board when we landed since there was only a staircase and no tunnel. But 4 strong men came to the rescue and we arrived on Flamingo Airport. The transfer brought us to the hotel and here the luggage was scattered. After retrieving this from another guest we could enjoy the check in and went to rooms. From door to door it was 8086km and took us 16,5 hours (with 5 hours time difference). After a search for food which wasn't available anywhere at 22:00 we enjoyed some cocktails and some smoothys. It was all-in so we managed to still the hunger with that ;-). Sleepy time not to long after and ready for a sunny day tomorrow. Bye now ;-)
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