From April 2019 to April 2022 on my trip from Australia to Europe with my dog Rexelby and my van Lola. Message
  • Day158

    Nazca Lines

    September 20 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today, on my way to Cusco I drove past the Nazca Lines. These geoglyphes are believed to date back well past 2000 years. Some of them are so large, they can be seen from space. To create them the loose rocks are taken so the lighter earth beneeth can be seen. As it does hardly ever rain and there is no vegetation these remained in good health ever since. They are assumed to have been created for ceremonial purposes.Read more

  • Day154

    Bad thing come in threes

    September 16 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    I am having a streak of bad luck.
    First my breakdown on my way back down from the Laguna 69, which resulted in a 2-day workshop tournament, as they as well discovered some fault on my axle joints. They took everything apart, cleaned, greased it…. Great job guys! But unfortunately, they did not get the wheel alignment right, so I had 2 more workshop stops to get that resolved. Then I happily continue my journey, thinking everything is hunky dory when Lola overheats on a level road. In the middle of the desert. I check, nothing wrong with the fluid levels. As just before the next bigger town a mountain awaits to be climbed. No way I get up there, so I have to stop in the next village to find a mechanic. I have seen all sorts of workshops, small, large, tidy, messy, but this really beats it. Messy as!!! This does not fill me with confidence, but, what choice do I have!?
    He quickly diagnoses my problem, the radiator fan is defective. He is trying to order a new one.
    In the meantime I take Rexel for a walk, up a steep hill, strewn with rocks. Now he has the idea to chase a cat. We continue our walk, I wonder why he is walking quietly beside me, this hardly ever happens. At one stage he shows me his hind leg, I check the paw, but cannot find a thorn or anything else. So we continue on.
    Once back at the van he starts to lick his leg. I check and find this very pronounced lump. Without hoping, I ask the mechanic if they had a Vet in the village. He immediately opens his phone, and 2 minutes later he tells me the vet would arrive at my van. How’s that for a service? The vet later thought it might be a fracture in the tibia of Rexel’s hind leg due to a big lump on his bone.
    Good thing is, we can stay in Lola, parked outside the workshop. Once the car is finished, hopefully, tomorrow, on Sunday, we go back to Ica to attend to the animal clinic on Monday. He might require surgery…. Okay, it’s only a 2-hour drive, no problem for a car with a functioning cooling system. If it is not ready, I will have to take a taxi. Will be nice to be transported for a change. And until then no walks. I don’t really know how I will tell my dog this.
    They say bad things come in threes. Well, I am down three, so let the good times happen!
    PS: during surgery one of the screws from his previous accident was removed as it protruded far out of his bone, and in addition a 3cm long thorn.
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    Gosh I hope things are improving for you and Rex is on the mend 🤞🐾🐕❤️


    he had surgery today: it was not a broken leg but one of the screws from his gig accident protruded. when the opened it up, they found a 3cm long thorn in his leg. all good now. how are your feet going?

  • Day148

    A day in Lima

    September 10 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    A 9 hour sightseeing marathon in Lima. The carved wooden balconies of the houses in the old city strongly reminded me of Jeddah.
    I was chatted up by an indigenous guy who convinced me it was time for me to try the Peruvian national drink, the Pisco sour, and some coca leaves to give Mr endurance for some more sight seeing. Don't know if it helped, but who knows, perhaps I had broken down on some board walk had I not chewed then...Read more


    Stunning pictures.


    Thank you.

  • Day144

    Another animal tale

    September 6 in Peru ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    On my second long workshop day, it was only after dark that I arrived at my place where I wanted to stay for the night, in a field on the outskirts of town. Of course, I had to go for a walk with Rexel first. He had a fight with the giant wrinkled dog in the workshop and therefore had to stay in the car half of the day.
    The moon was bright enough that I didn't need a torch. So I walk along, a bit uncertain where to put my feet. There is a dark spot in front of me, no grass covering it. I step on it carefully, it could be mud. I just put some weight on my foot, when this spot jumps up, squealing loudly, I jump back squealing even louder if this is possible, Rex starts barking, all hell breaks loose... I stepped on a sleeping pig!!!
    Doesn't happen to everyone either.
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    Ha, ha, ha 🤣

  • Day129

    Mixed Feelings

    August 22 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today, driving into Leimebamba I have to stop, and go for a little walk, as the cuteness of this little town takes me by surprise. Hardly any cars on the streets, a few people walking around going after their business, a lovely relaxed atmosphere.
    After that I want to continue to the local Museum. I am not really a museum person, but friends had highly recommended this one, exibiting Chachapoya mummies. Lets go!
    School's out, so there are a lot of small children going home, not really paying attention to the traffic, which is not much more than me and some TukTuks. The road is narrow, so I drive slowly. And suddenly on my left there is a TukTuk speeding past me, and scraping on the left side of Lola. I honk, he just speeds up and continues driving. I honk some more, to no avail. So, Lola can run! And even though it is going uphil, steeply, and I am normally really gentle with her on steep inclines, because she easily breaks out in sweat, now I put down my foot, race her up the hill, overtake that idiot, drive a little on, then put Lola across the street to block the traffic. Now of course he has to stop. I run to his TukTuk, try to open his door, which he has locked. Now the poor man did not know, what hit him, I was fuming with anger, not that he has hit my car, this can happen to anyone, but that he was running away. I was shouting at him (with my very poor spanish), "you broke my car, and drive away. Don't you have any balls!" Well, it pays to watch some spanish series to learn the most important vocabulary, after all.
    To make a long story short, TukTuks were piling up, I was only getting the tiniest bit of support from the driver driving behind us, but he very soon got impatient, all of them did, and they urged me to unblock the road, which I promised to do, once my idiot went out of his vehicle and inspect the damage with me.
    Once we inspected the damage I found there was not much done, just AGAIN! my newly fixed indicator light and some scratches on my side and bumper. Fixing this would have probably cost him a week's earning, so I let him off the hook, but telling him, I was very angry that he just wanted to wiggle himself out of his responsibility. (Who knows, how this came across in spanish. My series didn't cover the vocabulary necessary for this kind of conversation). In the next bigger town I will look for somebody who can fix my light cover. Oh no! Not workshop again!
    Why mixed feelings?
    Because there were this anger about this accident but as well such big joy!
    It got quite late after the museum, for me to look for an overnight spot. This search was particularly difficult being in the mountains, very steep road with a lot of curves and potholes, one-way all along, forcing me to pay a lot of attention to the driving and oncoming traffic. I actually love these kind of roads, but that's beside the point. And then I found this majic spot, on the top
    of the pass, off the road, a bad track up toward the top, (hail to my 4WD) and then .... the views.... I am up at 3600m, when walking to the top I have the most glorious 360 degrees views over the Andes. Happiness and joy!!!! the first time during my long way home through South America! Now I know, I have arrived back in my traveling mode! It has "only" taken me four months. But now, ElisaLolaRexelby are on their way again!
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    That’s amazing.


    Schön von Dir zu lesen 👍 So können wir Dich virtuell begleiten 🚐💨




    Great to hear you're on the road again.

  • Day30


    May 15 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Another few days of rest at the idyllic property of a dutch couple close to Baricharra.
    A very vibrant little town, Colonial as it gets.
    Rex as a seasoned traveller is now acquainted with travels by TukTuk. There is not much he hasn't travelled in: car, plane, ship, crowded public transports of all sorts, Cable cars, canu, just motorbike is missing...Read more

  • Day22

    My first enforced stop

    May 7 in Colombia ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    One of the big drug kingpins of Colombia had been extradited to the USA, to stand for trial. Now the drug cartel shut off towns and villages and threatened to burn down cars and kill people, should they be caught in roadblocks. I just happened to be in this area and thought it better to seek refuge. Jan and Marita, my traveler friends got caught in the middle of it, and have their tale to tell. And yes, they did burn and kill.Read more

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