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  • Day17

    Tower of London Experience- day 3

    December 14, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    This visit is something I have been eagerly anticipating since coming to London- The infamous Tower of London, where queens and traitors were beheaded, where the lost princes were held "safe", where the crown jewels and the tower ravens live. I was told by friends of my host to try and get the Beefeater tour guide named Billy. He was the best, the funniest, raunchiest, and who makes the whole thing a blast. Guess what? I ended up with a Beefeater named William, who eventually referred to himself as Billy. The suggestion couldn't have been more accurate. He was an amazing tour guide, who was very knowledgeable but made the group laugh so hard. I will never forget the tidbits of history he imparted through his style of storytelling. He was truly the best.

    What is a Beefeater? Well, it's a special watch assigned to the Tower of London in service of the Crown. In order to qualify for Beefeater duty, one had to serve in regular military service for 22 years then you could try out. Our Beefeater tour guide, Billy, was a medic in the army with a degree in military architectural strategy. So funny and raunchy, told horror stories to the kids, dissed on his compadres who served in other branches of military, talked crap about the French and wasn't afraid to speak his mind about the Crown. It was an incredible learning experience.

    Wish I could have gotten pics of the Crown Jewels but photos were prohibited in those areas.

    Click on the pics cuz I will put explanations for each in the comments section.

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