After 20+years living in the UK we’re emigrating downunder - not before we take some time out to explore some more corners of the world.
Living in: London, United Kingdom
  • Day30

    And back to blighty, briefly

    October 5 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Waking for the last time in the beast the day quickly turned into a packing up frenzy. Arriving at Calais, the presence of army and police checking cars and vans was huge. And progress consequently slow. After having our steering wheel checked for explosives (!) we then had the joy of a train being cancelled and massive delays. Finally back in the UK we powered it up to the depot just in time.

    Problem with packing up a house with a Motorhome sat outside, you can just put everything into the home just “incase” you need it (and to save yet another charity run). Result on the day you need to return the home is that you can’t actually get everything’s back into you car. Solution to have m and the kids get an Uber for the 90min trip back “home” while Nige followed in overpacked car! ☺️

    The excitement of the boys reuniting with their little buddies was gorgeous . Much screaming and cuddling. So lovely to be so welcomed so warmly to stay by Bel, Rich, Penny and Hamish. And just fab to see Bethan, Dan, Joshy, Toby and Charlie too! ❤️

    Looking forward to seeing our other London peeps this week before our next adventure to SE Asia starts!
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  • Day29

    Our final night

    October 4 in France ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Our final day driving in Europe. Drove out of Paris and up to a little village near Calais. Tonight we are having a “scrappy” meal (a term my great grandmother used when creating a meal from all the leftovers in the fridge).

    All have mixed emotions tonight - excited to see London folk briefly this coming week, but very sad that tonight will be our last with the beast! Not liking all these byes. Leo has offered to cuddle me “if you cry again mummy” and Zac has drawn me a picture of the beast so I can remember it and not get sad. I love my boys ❤️Read more

  • Day28

    Paris - part 1

    October 3 in France ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    So some of you know my hesitation in visiting Paris over the recent years just to avoid any unnecessary troubles. All completely absurd given I’ve been living in one of the worlds most “highest alert” cities. But Zac wanted to see the Eiffel tower, so off we went.

    After photos with Arc de Triomphe we wandered the streets, ate croissants and arrived at the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately it was a 2hr queue just to get tickets (in the off season!) so the boys decided we were better off going to find something to eat.

    Loaded with Banana cake and hot chocolate we jumped on the metro to head to the site of Notre Dame. So you can imagine my horror when we pop up from the metro to a scene of dozens of police vans, fire trucks and ambulances... armed forces and streets cordoned off. It was (as we discovered) just moments after a psychologically ill employee had stabbed 4 people in the police HQ before being shot by police himself.

    Establishing it was probably safe, we kept wandering down the Seine leaving the sad scene behind us and onto the Louvre. And then found a great playground... which apparently was the highlight of the day (who needs Paris?)
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  • Day27


    October 2 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Rudely woken by a beeping sound - so don’t miss alarm clocks! Up off early and into park before opening!

    Chilly but sunny day in off-season meant we weren’t face with horrendous queue times or masses of people. So all in all a great day and boys got to do all the rides they wanted. We didn’t wait the hour to get a photo with Mickey - but saw him in the float instead. Boys thankfully were completely fine with that

    Saw the amazing firework show to finish the evening - Leo fell asleep to the frozen themed one!

    Boys were very happy - especially as they both now have an extra “friend” (Micky and Pluto) to add to their ginormous groups of friends (aka cuddly toys). Needless to say they were dutifully introduced to the others when we got home and cuddled tightly to sleep.
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  • Day26

    The night before the disney surprise

    October 1 in France ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Left the lovely sunny vines in Burgundy and made the big drive up to Paris. And met the rain. And cold. And traffic jams. Almost had to pull the beast over at one point when the rains were so hard we could barely see the motorway.

    Arrived safely and sun came out to say hi. Staying at a campsite 20min shuttle from Disneyland Paris which we’ve been keeping as a surprise for the boys. In hindsight I think we missed a good bribing opportunity by not telling them earlier! But excitement is high tonight as we try and all get settled down early as we will have a rare and horrid awakening by an alarm in the morning. Don’t miss that sound at all!Read more

  • Day25

    From Geneva to France

    September 30 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Woke up to another beautiful day. Realising we’ve been super lucky with the weather - it’s usually not shorts and singlet weather at this time of the year.

    We started out drive back up France which kinda feels a little like we are on our homeward stretch. Can’t believe we’ve almost been away a month!

    Arriving into Santenay we stayed at a lovely sunny campsite right next to the vineyards. Glass of Rose (Bel we thought of you!) whilst the boys played football - couldn’t have been a better more relaxing night.
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  • Day24

    Geneva - hot and windy

    September 29 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Amazing view from bed this morning. Perfect for a cuppa and then Leo and I had big cuddles and chats. He informed me that whilst he didn’t miss anything in particular “... I don’t want to live in a Motorhome forever”. It’s interesting to see how the boys minds think about the big transitions we are going thru. They bring up seemingly random questions or conversation which shows they obviously are trying to figure it all out too.

    We took the bus into the city and had a wander & ice creams (more vegan options!) and then back to the Motorhome for riverside drinks. Weirdly the day reminded us a bit of Christchurch with the warm winds and leafy suburbs... which was quite a nice comforting feeling.
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  • Day23

    From Italy to France to Switzerland

    September 28 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    After a quick game of footy (yes, northern Italian campsite with football nets!) we headed off for an unexpectedly spectacular trip over to Geneva. We passed thru the most stunning Aosta valley and then thru the Mont Blanc and Chamonix region., I’m sure most people don’t come & see it in 26deg heat. Mont Blanc looked stunning - it’s glacier looked incredible. I much preferred looking at it in my shorts & singlet than wrapped up in snow gear!

    We spent a fortune on tolls today - prob close to €200!! The 11km Mont Blanc tunnel was €67 alone. I guess the tunnels do make it a lot easier to travel. But we can see why locals find alternative longer routes.

    We arrived into lovely Geneva and drove a little up the lake to a very nice campsite and got a pitch right on the lake. Sunset was stunning.
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