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  • Day9

    Dubai international

    February 20, 2022 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ 🌙 68 °F

    Another (3rd) PCR upon arrival. Even though not technically required by government; the airport staff made me do it.

    Everything was quiet and fine until we reached immigrations hall. Over 4,000 confused people being huddled into a line. Mostly European with children. Where is everyone going?

    Anyway, the kicker is, it’s 1:30 A.M. It was a struggle until we found the correct line. We quickly grabbed bags, but that’s when the drama began. Everyone we asked about Uber pick-up told us a different spot. For 45 mins we wandered around, going level to level, exit to exit. Even the driver was telling us he’s here. No one mentioned that you actually meet the driver, not his car. Then walk to the parking structure. Seemed fishy to me, but the taxi line was 1,000’s strong and the never ending sea of confused passengers made me realize Dubai airport is actually poorly managed and set up for taxi company. It was insanity.
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  • Day8


    February 19, 2022 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌧 79 °F

    Sri Lanka! Never been… and this is just an airport stop, but it’s on our list.

    Colombo looks the size of Manhattan from the sky.

    We went to the lounge to catch some more food before next flight! Holy heck it’s spicy!

    So many children on vacation and in the lounge. Passengers fighting over behavior of said runts!
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  • Day8

    Daddys first Emi

    February 19, 2022 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌙 79 °F

    Ok, so the hype is that Emirates air is the best… I have actually not been a fan, but after today, in my First class suite, I can say I’m impressed.

    Malè forbids alcohol, so we waited till being aloft before indulging in Dom Perigon 2008. The cabin at 1F complained that it wasn’t fizzy enough. The attendant gave me the rest. It was a brand new bottle. Too many amenities to mention.

    Just a short flight, but have another after a stop in Sri Lanka.

    Food pictured below.
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  • Day8

    St. Regis, Maldives: Property

    February 19, 2022 on the Maldives ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

    Magical is a word that comes to mind when attempting describe the beauty of the island. I’m sure most of the Maldivian islands with resorts are respectable luxury destinations, but this one stands out as the “finest address” in the Maldives. At least that’s the slogan.

    Just over 40 mins by air to the south of the capital Malè; Vommuli island is on a westward atol, with coral reefs surrounding the white sand beaches. Our villa was built over the shallows and has (upgraded) sunset views.

    The villas themselves have a very Fire Island vibe in the exterior architecture; with the grayed wooden slats, decks and Modern but fitting silhouettes. The interior of the rooms are laid out in a footprint that makes sense and flows seamlessly. A fine soft beige marble covers the floors and walls in the bathroom entirely. A soft bleached wood clads the rest of the walls and ceiling. Almost every hardware and fixture is oil-rubbed bronze… almost. The plumbing fixtures really stand out because they are chrome, and not cohesively modern. They reek with ornate old world styling unlike any other feature of the resort. Interesting choice.

    No amenity is overlooked in the room. Coffee, tea, a well stocked mini bar and wine fridge at the beverage center. It was filled with glassware for every type of drink and wine. Room 536 features two writing desks and a large wardrobe area, a rocking chair, couch, and a King Bed fitted with Frette sheets and duvet. The bed faces the massive sets of sliding glass doors that look west across the Indian Ocean.

    The aforementioned bathroom is a stately size. It has separate rooms for toilet and shower, and a large soaking tub at another oversized sliding door to the pool.

    The deck is large, with a pool and loungers and seating area, yet intimate and private. Our private access to the best snorkeling requires just 4 rings down the ladder and about 8 mins swim.

    The rest of the island is a thoughtfully curated and well planned build. With buildings that represent sea creatures native to their oceans. Sounds tacky, but the buildings are simply well designed artistic expressions of a seasoned architect.

    The best part of the island is the fact that anyone who visits is left scratching their head trying to understand how they do all the work to cater to guests and staff on this tiny spec of sand. Remarkable, truly!

    Every venue is unique and outfitted with the finest details. The gym is well equipped and tennis courts stay active, the main pool is the scene, every restaurant is booked completely every evening. Every spot meticulously kept. I enjoyed the sandy paths for biking. They have golf buggies to whist you to your preferred destinations, but I stayed with the bikes. It only took 6 mins to completely circle this tranquil paradise.

    Speaking of tranquility, the spa was a heavenly respite. The Blue Hole is the resorts crown jewel. I think most guests wish to go. It’s a huge jetted tub filled with purified ocean water.

    The wildlife was active, above, but especially below the surface of the corlean blue deep. We enjoyed snorkeling, jet skiing, sea-bobbing, and a dolphin expedition.

    All of the man made elements are worthy human accomplishments, but without the Ocean it’s another resort. Together, the Indian Ocean and the St. Regis property make music that can only be described as magic!
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  • Day7

    St. Regis, Maldives: Food

    February 18, 2022 on the Maldives ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    Another gay couple on the island told us we were the tastiest snacks here! Wow, that’s a compliment considering the competition. This island is so far flung, but the amount of options and flavors had few limits.

    The first night we ate at the restaurant called Cargo, with middle eastern cuisine. Set in the sand surrounded by palms and ferns to give a jungle vibe, and the food did not disappoint. Perfectly executed lamb, exceptionally seasoned chicken were our choices . We finished with a delectable tahini ice cream.

    We packed our protein powder to keep ourselves from over indulging during the day for two reasons. First, the food prices here are extortionate! Some things priced just for their popularity. So pack your checkbook. The other reason, breakfast was included so that’s where we loaded up.

    Breakfast came with free table service water, juices, coffee and even miniature Bloody Marys. The buffet was a bazaar of Maldivian delicacies and traditional fare from the Americas, France, even some Chinese. The fresh fruit was very island forward. Plenty of passion, dragon, and papaya fruits in every bowl. Also, Baked goods galore, and a cereal and yogurt station with all the trimmings. My personal favorite was the Maldivian Tuna served on rice in a rich tomato sauce. I always order the things from the menu that you can’t get elsewhere; like the Maldivian duck confit, or Indian inspired breakfasts with a resort twist.

    We snacked for lunch sometimes but the service was slow at best. Food was so memorable I forgot what we had to eat.

    We did a romantic night in at the villa, but had Indian cuisine; not romantic! 😜 Delicious though!

    Oriental was the Asian inspired spot on the island where we indulged in sushi and sake! Which, is the hidden deal to be found. By far the most affordable bottle on the resort at $90!

    At the Whale bar we had dinner one night and dessert there our final evening. It was hopping. The venue is Set in a structure that looks very much like a whale from nearly every angle, and is seemingly floating atop the water as if to grab a breath of air. We enjoyed a whole reef fish and prime steak that evening. The view is stunning and the breeze is perfect.

    The last night we ate at the main house. Alba they call it; the same spot breakfast is served and by far the largest landmark on the island. More about the ambiance in the “property” review. Worth mentioning here is the perfectly timed courses, and servers who were among the best. The food was only enhanced by the views, the Wagyu lasagna and halibut filet were a punch in the kisser.

    Finally, back to the whale bar to experience the St. Regis Maldives Bloody Mary and the local cheese cake. Trust me, it’s a thing at every St. Regis, and this one was worth the price of admission. We indulged out on the deck under the stars.
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  • Day5

    St. Regis, Maldives: Service

    February 16, 2022 on the Maldives ⋅ ☁️ 82 °F

    From the moment we landed to the final farewell; Shan our personal butler was tasked with making our stay memorable and exceptional. He successfully accomplished both of those. Any need, any desire always met save one; nail clippers! This resort was not willing to provide clippers to the room or to the spa which we used 4 times.

    Iridium spa was filled with talented staff who really focused on your individual needs. We experienced a Thai massage, had a couples Ying Yang experience massage, a deep tissue massage, and finally a magnesium massage treatment. Plus, we indulged in the “Blue Hole” spa water feature. More on that in the property portion.

    Everyone here is on island time, and that’s great unless you’re trying to grab a quick snack. The last night we ate at Alba, the main restaurant, and by far experienced the best table service of the trip. At the Orientale (sushi) everything was served at once and made the evening feel rushed.

    We experienced a few hiccups that are very minor, but worth mentioning. Coffee service is not their forte, every morning coffee was ordered first and came after you were served food. The other issue I had was trying to get an afternoon libation. We tried two places (with bars) and close to pool, but they claimed to be done with service. So we walked to the other side of the beach where we were expected to order food. The waiter took our drink order back over to the pool bar where it was filled. It took over 30 mins. Those things are minor, but not on par with the luxury service that was noted in all other departments. Especially the rooms.

    Every time we came back to our room it was refreshed and cleaned. Plenty of extra waters and toiletries so you were never in need for more.
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  • Day3

    Arrived at St. Regis

    February 14, 2022 on the Maldives ⋅ ☁️ 82 °F

    After a grand welcome we settled into our room with stunning, sunset ocean views. It feels so good to finally be here to disconnect for a bit.

    My next posts will be a review of the resort broken into 3 categories: Property, Dining, and Services.

    Here’s a few pics for now. I’ll be back in a few days…
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  • Day3

    Trans Maldavian Airways

    February 14, 2022, Laccadive Sea ⋅ ☁️ 82 °F

    This marks my second time on a seaplane. Such a cool machine, an amphibious airliner.

    Our flight will be 45 mins. This brings our air travel to a total of 22hrs and 20mins to arrive at the resort.
    Coincidental numerology?

    Also, the pilot was barefoot. Cruising altitude maxed out at 6,500ft
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  • Day3


    February 14, 2022 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    Boarded a 737-8 for a 4hr flight to the island nation of Male… (like the sound of that, all men! Oh wait…)

    Seat 11A which is the first seat actually.
    3 course meal. I had the Lamb Shank. We actually ran them dry of champagne. Oops!
    First class had a screaming baby, nice!
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