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  • Day186


    October 22, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    So we made it.

    With the soft caress of carpet under our feet and the shades of Autumn outside the window, it did not seem as if we had ever been away that long. Yet 6 months had passed and we had seen and done so much. Memories flickered into view as we shared stories with curious family and friends around kitchen tables.

    ...Hiking up onto mountains, through canyons, over glaciers and deep into caves. Sailing across bays, rafting down rivers, snorkelling in reefs and swimming in waterfalls. Free falling at 16,000 feet to sleeping under the stars. Dancing with Navajo, eating with Maori and drinking with Lao. Swimming with sea turtles, riding on elephants, holding koala and feeding monkeys...

    6 months and a lifetime of memories, worth every second and penny.

    Travelling is as much about sharing as it is about the individual experience. We met fantastic people who have shared in our enjoyment and become friends; be they fellow travellers, guides or locals. We hope the friendships forged will endure and that someday, somehow, our paths will cross again for more laughter and memories.

    Lastly but most importantly, thank you, our family and friends, for reading, complimenting and encouraging. Without your support the adventure would have been harder and lonelier. We look forward to seeing you in person soon.

    This will be the last post for now but maybe not forever.

    Love, Kim and Alex
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    Carol Stringer

    Really good to have you home looking so fit and happy. Glad everything worked out so well (apart from the Heathrow taxi!). You obviously have had many fantastic experiences to remember. xxx

    Tracy N Virgil Cannon

    Really enjoyed reading about your adventures. It sounds like you both had a truly wonderful time. Only problem is I've got nothing to look forward to reading now! Hope you are both well x x x

    Rachel barnett

    Loved reading all about your adventures and seriously Kim an alternative career as a writer....... Never boring, unbelievably descriptive to the point that you felt we were with you X

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