We are that LandCruiser Couple. Our plan is to travel around the world in our 2014 Toyota LandCruiser 76 series living out of our "The Bush Company" Roof top tent. Posts and photos uploaded by James Message
  • Day142

    Camp #57 - Cenotes Mani-Chan

    January 18 in Mexico

    Laura found this spot on iOverlander.
    $400 MXN pesos for the night for the two of us for 24 hours access.

    They've got a basic toilet and shower, but most importantly is the Cenotes.

    There are two here. We went into the fully enclosed one on the first evening, which they light up.

    The woman said she would show us around to the second one the next morning and would arrive at 7:30. We waited until 10:30 and decided it was time to pack up and leave a good little spot and fun.
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  • Day140

    Palenque temple and Ruins

    January 16 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Another collection of Mayan Ruins.
    This was nicer than the first ones we saw at Teotihuacan. A lot less people and more jungly.
    When we pulled up, there was only one parking space left with a cone in it. A guy moved it and then asked if we wanted the car wash
    200 pesos for a car wash and to keep an eye on it for us. Bargain. We got it washed which was really needed.
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    Hmmm…maybe an idea to earn some money in Burnham. Just need to get a cone!

  • Day139

    Camp #56 - La Chiapaneca

    January 15 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    350 pesos a night
    Not really a campsite, but a restaurant outside of Palenque where we could stay the a couple of nights. Thankfully the restaurant closes at 6pm so it's just us and a couple of campers at night. Nice as quiet.
    You can hear the howler monkeys screaming at night. They had a nice pool, we saw a Macaw flying around.
    On our second night. Another 70 series turned up, but they had a single cab pickup with a camper body on top. It looked really neat.
    We were both plugged into a really long extension lead and when they were using their electric hob, the extension lead blew up (the cable was a bit beaten up) I found another plug with some cable ok and they had some choc-block crimps, so a little bodge job later and we had power for the rest of the night.
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  • Day138

    Camp #55 - Rancho El Jaguar

    January 14 in Mexico

    Today was a long drive day, with over 500km/300 miles to be done. We got on the road at 8:30 and tried to limit our rest stops. We made great time today, even with loads of toll roads.

    We got to Rancho El Jaguar after taking a little detour and ended up down a little lane at a locked gate. After turning around and finding the correct entrance we began to setup.

    One of the first things we noticed was the large amount of mosquitos around. We had grabbed a mosquito net thing in the US but hadn't used it. First Laura took refuge by wrapping herself in it. And then we tried hanging it from the awning. It was almost OK, just a little too short to be useful. Great idea, but we decided we'd just put up tonight.

    The next biggest pest was the 4 dogs. Kronos?(or coronas?), Sky, Eva, Pocoluz. Whilst we were a little trying to cook, the four of them acted as our shadows, constantly begging for food (a prawn red curry, not really for you doggos)

    The citronella candle re-appeared, as did the mosquito lamp. However Laura was getting bitten alive whilst trying to wash the dishes. I however, wasn't (I think it was the deet) so I finished up whilst Laura took shelter in the tent.

    Only for one night and we can hopefully find somewhere a bit less bitey (oh also we saw a Toad)

    Video 1 is Laura trying to walk and eat without getting biten by mosquitos and being followed by the dogs. The reason Laura is walking away from the dogs is the mosquitos were attracted to the dogs so would come witb the dogs.

    Video 2 is of the camp bathroom (no toilet seats, woohoo)
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    Reminiscent of “Jack and the beanstalk “…….


    I don't know if Laura would attempt to climb it though!


    Do you James, take this heavily veiled Laura to be your one and only??


    I think green could be an interesting wedding dress 😂 maybe Laura can wear green hiking trousers and the mosquito net


    Consider it a work in progress 😘

  • Day137

    Hotel, motel, holiday Inn - Veracruz

    January 13 in Mexico ⋅ 🌬 23 °C

    Super windy tonight. So we dashed from the camp spot and found a hotel to stay in (Holiday Inn)

    If you watch the video you can see the wind at the spot we had planned to camp in. Before deciding it wasn't for us and finding a Holiday Inn in Veracruz.

    Veracruz is a port town where some people ship their trucks into Mexico to avoid doing the USA and Canada.
    It wasn't the place for us, but it did mean we had done some extra distance driving today so we could miss out a stop one night and make some more distance tomorrow towards Playa del Carmen.

    Thankfully tonight only cost us around £8 in taxes as we had a free reward night on hotels.com from booking various hotels during our trip. The reward nights are our "rainy day" nights. And windy nights are as good as a rainy day.
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    Hardly blame you for choosing a hotel instead of a constant worry overnight than you might fly into the ocean 🌊. Stay well and safe. Love you both xxxx

  • Day135

    Hotel in Puebla

    January 11 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    I was in charge of picking our hotel for tonight. So I picked the pink one of course.

    Not the best of hotels in an odd little town. Very noisy, slow Internet and it was freezing cold at night. We had two double beds and ended up taking the duvet from the second bed to double up.

    Big car park for the truck, which is the biggest challenge in Mexico, finding secure parking that we can fit the truck in due to height limits on gates, low hanging cables or underground car parks.
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  • Day135

    Pyramids of Teotihuacan

    January 11 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Doing the tourist activity.
    A Mayan ruin with some pyramids. Similar to chichen-itza but a lot less people and cheaper.
    Not much to say. We walked around a bit. Looked at some Ruins, it's not really our thing, so we weren't here for much longer than an hour.Read more

  • Day134

    Camp #54 - Teotihuacan

    January 10 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    We camped at a circus place. But saw hot air balloons in the morning.
    I think we paid 200 or 250 peso for the night. The dog Shakira helped Laura do her workout.
    It was a cold night. This town/village is higher than Mexico City which is the highest city in North America. So even thought it was 26c in the day. At night it got to zero.
    A nice spot, good warm showers and close to the Teotihuacan pyramids we plan to visit in the morning. Another van turned up and camped at the same ground who we had seen at Tolantongo!
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  • Day132

    Camp #53 - Tolantongo

    January 8 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The Grutas de Tolantongo...
    I saw this on a YouTube accidentally a few weeks back and told Laura we were adding it to the list.

    It was a long way there and back and not really on our way to anything. The last 30km or so of road must of had 60+ topes (speed bumps). I was counting them when we left, but lost count after 40.

    Anyway, you don't need to pay to camp here. It's included for free with your day use ticket which is awesome. However you need to pay for the day you arrive and the day you leave (so 2 days if you want to stay 1 night) plus 50 pesos (I think) to park.
    We turned late (around 4pm) on the Sunday wanting to stay for 2 nights, expecting to pay for 3 days, but we got lucky and only had to pay for the 2 days (and parking) so all in, I think it was 650 pesos for 2 nights. Which is about our average camp ground anyway.

    The first night, we setup, I went for a little wonder to see if I could figure out where to go on the next morning. No luck, I walked for 40 minutes up a hill and gave up.

    That evening we watched some YouTube videos to get an idea of where things were. This place is hugeeeeee! We managed to find a "bus stop" (colectivo) and got a ride on the back of a chopped VW bettle up to the hot spring pools. This was a 10 minute ride for about £5 (100 pesos) well worth it.

    After the pools, we got a ride down to the caves (this time only 60 pesos for the two of us in a mini bus, not as cool). The caves were an awesome experience. We had to buy a waterproof torch before going in (didn't need too, but I wanted it) and it was really nice.

    After that, we walked down to the truck, stopped off in what is almost a lazy river, but it's walled off to stop you floating away. After a dip and some drone shots, we made a late lunch and relaxed.

    The next morning we packed up and set off for our next stop!
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    Looks amazing and the colour of that water is beautiful! Looked like you were on your own as well? Xx

  • Day130


    January 6 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Guanajuato, our first big city for a while. Here the streets are narrow with some twists.

    For this one, we booked an AirBnB that had parking as finding hotels with parking that can accommodate us can sometimes be challenging.
    Although the spot we had to park in was super tight! Good job we have the 70 series Land Cruiser and not the 80 which is wider.

    We walked around town and found a funicular which we had a ride up and down.
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