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  • Day31

    The bells chime

    January 22, 2021 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    Lockdown requires that one listens to the world around us. Panama City, a city of over one million people is so peaceful. I hear the shallow waves crashing five hundred feet away.
    A part of me wants to be out there walking around seeing other people, lapping up Panama City. But it’s only waves. It’s fantastic.
    I think what we have been blessed with in this pandemic is a silence, a time to appreciate, a time to reflect.
    I remind Caroline when my heart is in my mouth. (She’s driving) that life is a journey. I want to push the finish line out as far as I can. To continue to explore and embrace a different way of traveling.
    Like when I was growing up, the church bells ring every hour on the hour.
    Thanks Airbnb
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  • Day23

    Extended Stay

    January 14, 2021 in Panama ⋅ 🌧 68 °F

    Its now the 14th. Wow we have been in Panama for 20 days plus. With all of the lockdowns in Panama Caroline and I have decided to stay up by the Volcano Baru in the town of Boquete. We did move out of the 40 foot ship container yesterday and into a three bedroom sparsely furnished apartment.
    Here we have a third floor deck that looks out over a stream and on to a coffee plantation. That's the highlight of this unit. Caroline has setup her office on the deck and me on the kitchen counter.
    Didn't feel like cooking last night so walked down to the bar at the neighboring hotel around 7:30. Damn place was closed. Curfew at 7PM. So we ordered pizza. They know what they are doing here when it comes to all things bread. Pizza was as good as I have had. Also went to farmers market on Tuesday mornings. Lots of great produce and then lots of the usual. Not done a whole lot during the week as we are both working. Then the last weekend was in lockdown. So looking forward to this weekend. Plan to do some driving around and also do hike to the lost waterfalls that we have been reading about. Till then stay safe and be good. That includes you Derick....
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    Thank you for the update. 😍 [Carol]

  • Day18


    January 9, 2021 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    It’s Saturday. It’s overcast. The only sounds are the water flowing in the back yard, birds chirping and dogs barking. It’s another lockdown. Hooray!

    Boquete is, so far my favorite place in Panama. Climate is awesome. 80 daytime 60 at night. https://www.google.com/search?q=boquete&ie=…
    I hope the link works.

    It is a little 3rd world. But that’s absolutely fine. One ofttimes runs out of paved road. That’s an adventure. The beef is not good. Reason to eat more fish! That’s good... Some bugs but not the angry little beasts we had in Boca Chica. Locals say hi. A plus. $15 cup of coffee. WHAT in Panama! Yes and it was hands down the best tasting coffee experience. Look it up Geisha Coffee. It fetches $600 a LB in Dubai.

    Lockdown continues. And our picnic was fantastic. Picture..,
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    Now that’s heaven! Everything I have read above


    About Boquete was positive. Is all the coffee that expensive or just the special stuff?


    Just the special stuff. $3.75 for a 3-cup French press this morning. A latte at the place with the Geisha coffee was $5 but it was deeeeelicious.

  • Day13


    January 4, 2021 in Panama ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    We left Franks place after he fed us a lovely breakfast. A good man that Frank. Jay the boat taxi guy, met us at the dock and off we went to Boca Chica, where the car was. Another hot and muggy day in Panama. We offloaded the bags on the dock and I walked up to get the car. Drove down to pick up the bags with the air conditioner on. OMG air-conditioning. What an invention. It had been five days since I’d seen Caroline this happy. Don’t ask!!!!
    We drove to ‘David which is another town on the coast. Stopped off and picked up some supplies for our next Airbnb adventure. Speed traps everywhere along the way. Just another form of taxation.
    Got Boquete without much drama. Checked in to our digs. Very impressed with what we found. Stream by the digs, pond with koi. Big marijuana plants in the backyard. Haha. Less than five minute walk (at my pace) downhill into town. Back is not so much fun.
    We are now 3000ft above sea level and the temperatures are so nice. High 70 during the day and low 60’s at night.
    Lots of F**king birds. Almost needed a shovel to get the car going the first day here. Our car changed colors over night. From white to shite. Needless to say we changed parking spots.
    To be continued. Good times. Be safe out there.
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    Thank you so much for the update. Fun times!

  • Day13

    Moving on

    January 4, 2021 in Panama ⋅ ☀️ 79 °F

    Last day on Pacific Bay Resort. Breakfast at 10am, it’s now 8:50am and guess who is still asleep? Trying to stay quiet so walked to the beach. Didn’t bring my phone of course. At the beach, I saw the white-faced monkeys again. This time they dropped a piece of eaten fruit at my feet. One of them then descended to where we were looking into each other’s eyeballs from about 25 feet away. Then it went back up and merged into highway tree.
    As I came back up the HILL I heard some noise in the undergrowth. I peeked over and there was a creature I have not seen before. Looked like a badger. Can’t wait to get up to the restaurant to figure out what it is.
    After all that excitement a quick recap. Given the fact that the entire nation of Panama has been on lockdown for the past four days we hit a home run. We could walk, run, swim, fish and kayak. Plus that we got three squares per day. No stress. Did I tell you about the HILLS. Haha.
    Boquete here we come. Cheers.
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    looks aqesomw, where to next?


    Boquete where it is blessedly cool and not humid!

  • Day11

    Our digs

    January 2, 2021 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    I’ll make this short. We are sitting at the restaurant “by ourselves” again. Lashing rain and the Howler Monkeys are going nuts. It’s awesome.
    Our digs are pretty basic. I’m attaching photos.

    Beautiful [Alexis Lund]

  • Day10

    The Island

    January 1, 2021 in Panama ⋅ 🌙 79 °F

    So we are actually not on an island but may as well be. Can’t get here by road. Over priced boat taxi only. Like NYC.
    Ok. So this place is a big rock and not a level one. The walk from our casita to Frank’s bar is 1/4 mile. Easy! Hell no. It’s been Caroline and my ambition to get to Frank’s without needing a shower when we got there. See photo.

    We did do a good walk yesterday. About 2.5 miles. But I kid you not it felt like 5. The inclines are something else.
    Enough whining. Did I tell you about the biting insects? Ha!

    So for $150 all-in per night we get basic digs, three good meals per day, and a 150 acre playground with three beautiful beaches. Not too shabby. And we get Frank....

    The cabin next to ours is vacant so we now have two bathrooms. Hooray
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  • Day9


    December 31, 2020 in Panama ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    Our host who I mentioned earlier, his name is Frank. Interesting guy. Owned bars and nightclubs in NYC in the 70 and 80’s. Italian and is a boxing fan. Gave up the booze some thirty years ago.
    So now he owes a 150 acre getaway in Panama. I give the guy a ton of credit for what he built. The sad part is that the jungle wants this land back and it shows.
    Frank is 75 now and I’m sure there’s a bestselling book there. But who knows because he’s not telling. I’m Italian! Anyway, we talked tonight and he told us about an event that they have here four times a year.
    Shaman come to his resort four times a year and hold an ayahuasca ceremony. According to Frank people come from around the world to participate on this ceremony.


    You just never know where the journey will take you. Life is for living. And no l have not participated. Happy New Year
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  • Day8

    Howler monkeys

    December 30, 2020 in Panama ⋅ 🌧 79 °F

    The boat ride to Pacific Bay Resort was pleasant and without surprise. There we were greeted by Frank the owner. Bags were loaded on to a golf cart and up the hill we went.
    Out host and his hired help placed our bags in our room and off they went. We started to unpack. I think it was the second drawer that we opened where the dresser came alive. Termites!!!!
    Fortunately the casa next door was available as were every casa on the resort. We are the only guests.
    We are sitting at the restaurant now facing north with the sun setting to our left through the trees. About twenty parrots have flown by. And the Howler Monkeys have been giving out yards for the past hour. The bats are out and it’s time for dinner. I need those bats to do their job and gobble all the female mosquitoes. PLEASE
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    Imagine, something as simple as allowing gender participation. Only in a Third World Country . Much to complicated for the “chosen”. LOL


    Absolutely love your posts. I can “hear” Donny in his stories! ❤️❤️🥰🥰❤️❤️ Caroline thinks she’s a princess but since I’m not aware of any royalty blood in the family and she isn’t married to royalty she is fantasizing. LOL 😉

  • Day7

    Boca Chica

    December 29, 2020 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    We packed up in Pedasí yesterday morning and hit the road. On our way out from the earth house, our host Luis opened the gate for us. He proceeded to tell us that one of his cows had been slaughtered and taken on the early hours of Dec 26th. All I could think is that I have been dropped into a modern day western movie.
    It so happens we had been woken up around 4am that morning by the sound of dog’s barking, which we thought unusual. One for the story books.
    It took us about seven hours to get to Boca Chica. Not a whole lot of excitement along the way. We had to go shopping for supplies on Santiago which took forever. Thus the seven hours.
    About 10km from Boca Chica we passed row of shacks that were put together with mud and leaves. The inhabitants were we assumed natives. Probably the most primitive dwelling I have ever seen.
    Last night was petty cool. We stayed at Roxie’s fishing lodge. I think we are the only tourists in town. We were invited to dine at the restaurant next door. So before dinner we went to the super mini and bought some wine and ice as they didn’t sell either at the restaurant.
    The rain started before dinner, kids were playing in an outdoor gym down the street and local riding a mule was exercising a beautiful white Arabian up and down the street for over an hour. What a feast for the senses. And dinner was not half bad either.
    We were served a plate with a small salad, boiled vegetables and four each beautiful Langostinos (large prawns). Yummy.
    We are waiting for our boat taxi to Pacific Bay Resort. The next adventure is about to begin.
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    A cow taken 😳 though that only happened in South Africa.


    Crazy stuff. Right!


    there must be a huge amount of poverty there. Happy New year 🎉 to you both


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