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  • Day14

    Alright, one step further into the world of eating animal parts. It is pretty common to eat frogs here in China, and they actually tasted quite nice. But frogs are also on the menu in many other countries of the world, also including Spain, Greece and, of course, France. There are sources that say that worldwide around 3.2 billion frogs are traded each year (!) By the way: the round vegetable that you can see in the picture is actually from the root of the Lotus.Read more

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  • Day13

    In China, money doesn’t count a lot anymore. It is all about the smartphone! Everyone is just paying via QR code, which is connected to WeChat or Alipay. Tencent and Alibaba are not only social media or e-commerce platforms anymore, they are actually very strong in financial services.

    If you go out for lunch or for some drinks after work in a group, one single person will take care of the bill and the others will just digitally transfer their share to that person’s account. This is very convenient and no one actually uses cash anymore (besides the weird German who still has Cash only ...)

    And if your smartphone ever runs out of battery ... the next charging station is only one store away :) and you will pay for the electricity by ... of course: digital currency.
    Read more

  • Day12

    During the first moments always hard to read, it is great to see how very skeptical faces turn into wide smiles. This is what happens to me many times each day. On the streets, in the metro, in restaurants or in stores. It’s like this:

    I look at someone.
    She looks back at me, pokerface.
    I smile.
    She smiles even more.
    I say “hello!”
    She cracks up laughing.

    Especially children are very interested. They sometimes just stare at me, especially if I am wearing my cap or even sunglasses :)Read more

  • Day10

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China and its first president, is buried here at the Purple Mountain. Thousands of people (very close to 100% Chinese) were here today, on a Sunday with beautiful sunshine.

    It is the first time this week I really saw a blue sky and was able to feel the warmth of the winter sun.

  • Day10

    It was very impressive to walk the stairs up the wall and to get a feeling for its unbelievable dimensions. When it was build in the 14th century by emperor Zhu Yuanzhan, who made Nanjing the capital of China, it was the longest wall in China and belonged to the largest in the world. It was/is 48km long and took 21 to be built! Now, more than 600 years later, it is still in great shape.

  • Day8

    “After an outer layer of thin skin is removed, most of the edible tissue on the feet consists of skin and tendons, with no muscle. This gives the feet a distinct texture different from the rest of the chicken's meat.” (Wikipedia)

  • Day7

    There are great places for good food everywhere. In Nanjing, going out too eat costs about the same than just cooking at home (even though I becomes more and more expensive while salaries stay about the same). That’s why there are small restaurants in every corner. And like always, one has to take some dark side alleyways to find the best places. I always liked Chinese food back in Munich, but after I return I will have a hard time to find stuff as good as here ... take a Look!Read more

  • Day5

    ... and never walk around at the pool or the changing room without slippers!!!

  • Day5

    Somebody gave birth to a girl, and here it is a tradition to give a little present to everyone. Pretty cute! But know matter who in the office I asked, nobody actually knew the woman ;)

  • Day5
  • Day3

    Vivian lead me to this awesome place. I would have never found it as just a tourist. It is close to Nanjing university, were you can obviously find lots of authentic Chinese food places in the rather dark side streets. We had Tofu, cooked fish heads, vegetables with lots of garlic and sweet & sour pork chops. Yummy!