New Caledonia
Presqu’île Kuto

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    • Day142

      Ile des pins

      January 16, 2020 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      On a passé 5 jours et 4 nuits sur l’île des pins où on a eu le temps d’à peu près tout faire.
      On a loué un scooter sur une journée pour découvrir l’île (plages, grottes, lagons...) on a fait une sortie en pirogue et piscine naturelle.
      On a fait une sortie bateau pour découvrir les différentes baies, fait pas mal de snorkelling et fini par manger une langouste sur un îlot. On a visité les baies autour du camping et on est allé voir le couché du soleil en haut du mont N’ga, le plus haut de l’île, et puis on s’est fait plein de potes au camping.
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      Attention aux accidents de hamac


      Mais oui Lisa, l eau est à bonne température et tu peux y aller


      Ça a l air très bon

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    • Day5

      Landfall and an Itinerary Change

      January 31, 2020 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

      It was an eventful day that started at breakfast with a significant announcement - Our itinerary had changed.

      Our upcoming stops at Mare and Lifou were cancelled due to health precautions..

      A day or two ago, there was an announcement for anyone showing flu like or "coronavirus like" symptoms, especially anyone who had recently visited mainland China to report immediately to the medical centre..

      This leads to only one conclusion. Someone has contracted coronavirus, and began their transformation into a vicious, flesh craving zombie, and is currently held securely in a holding cell, deep in the bowels of the ship in top secret.

      Lifou and Mare aren't comfortable with this, so we're denied access to these places. Disappointing, given these were the two NEW ports for Nat and I, not yet visited. On the flip side, in lieu, we'll head to two other ports; tomorrow to Port Vila, and Sunday to Mystery Island, both in Vanuatu. So at least that's a second country for Ryland and one new Port for Nat and I.

      Ryland loved his visit to trip to Isle of Pines (starting 9am by tender). He was incredibly well behaved really. It was a difficult task though... We had to bring two backpacks, towels, snorkels and fins, a pram and have two hands on a wriggly youngster.
      Straight off the bat, he was more than happy to dish out high fives to the locals, putting on a traditional/tribal dance display.

      It was a hike to our swimming beach.. The pram struggled with sand and routes underfoot. We were initially greeted with a gentle rain, which cleared soon into a mostly sunny, warm day. We set up on the beach under the shade of a palm.

      Ryland LOVED the beach, he was all smiles and making a constant dash for the waves. He's a very hardly, open, resilient little fellow that takes well to new things. He spent a lot of time happy in his pram on the beach watching the world go by. Today wasn't easy though juggling everything. Junior actually got very cold very quickly in the water so we couldn't swim together. We took it in turns snorkeling but didn't see much.. I was especially frustrated by my snorkel leaking terribly despite trying to adjust it.

      Travelling with a young one, it's doable but not all round desirable. It's hard work, but rewarding. It's limiting but you do get those diamond in the rough moments that are so precious and probably better than moments you'd have as a couple. The look on his face on the beach today was priceless.

      There was a huge queue to catch the tenders/ lifeboats back to the ship around 2.30. By the time we boarded Ryland was absolutely cactus.. a minute after setting off, he'd fallen asleep in my arms, limp as a dead carrot.

      By the time we were back on board, an overdue lunch gave junior a second wind to take him through to a dinner and sleep time around 6pm. We counted the cost of some rookie sunscreen errors.. Nat forgot her back (or to ask me to do it) and I forgot my shoulders.. both scorched. Ryland was just a little sun-kissed about the face and belly.

      We decided to lock in a spontaneous semi-sub ride and snorkel for tomorrow's new destination in Port Vila ($69.95pp/ u3 free). Dinner was a breeze tonight with Ryland passed out in the cot by 6. Looking forward to something new tomorrow!

      ** In absence of a video on Isle of Pines I've attached one from Mystery Island with very culturally similar content.
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    • Day143

      Ile des pins

      January 17, 2020 in New Caledonia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Encore quelques photos


      Qu est ce que c est beau . Quel beau coin de paradis . Cela donne envie . Bisous


      Quelle quiétude


      Endroit paradisiaque

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    • Day5

      Ile des Pins- Isle of Pines

      August 25, 2017 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      One of the small islands around Grande Terre.
      We toke a boat called Betico,quiet expensive but cheaper than the plane.Perfect beginning:we've seen a toutrle from the boat!!
      We slept in a traditional house: the gite (indigenous house but really modern for the satisfaction of the guest).
      The water and the sand are unbelievable! Coconut trees and pines in the same, wild, place!!
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    • Day86

      Vers la piscine naturelle, Île des Pins

      April 24, 2019 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Alarms off at 4:45am in preparation for us to catch the (pleasantly surprisingly on-time) 5:30am bus to the Nouméa Ferry Terminal. Our 7:00am Betico 2 ferry to l’Île des Pins left the dock about 10 minutes early - good thing we adhered to the 60-minutes prior check-in time! The two-hour boat ride started off OK, but as the seas got choppier, both Mommy and Davy spent the last 45 minutes or so staring into seasickness bags. (Incidentally, Qantas has the best airsickness bags we’ve seen so far and boy are we glad that they gave us some spares!)

      Fortunately, heads cleared quickly when we got to the Island. Our morning destination was the natural swimming pool in the northeast part of l’Île des Pins. Access was via a little kiosky hut by the Méridien staffed by a local islander. Since rates for day visitors from cruise ships vs. those who could name a local hotel varied by a factor of 2.5, we were glad the nice lady let us by on a Nouméa AirBnB - counting both kids at the child rate as well.

      Because the tide was rising, we had to ford a small stream in order to get to the pool. It was a rather hilarious sight - the great migration of a pack of 20-odd tourists bravely fording the knee-deep stream to get to the Piscine Naturelle! None of us knew how deep it was, or would be, or could be, and so we all proceeded with excessive caution - Meg in particular, who seriously doubted our navigation capabilities.
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    • Day86

      Beaches of paradise: Kuto and Kanuméra

      April 24, 2019 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Well there are some amazing beaches out there in the big wide world - and we are even having a chance to visit quite a few of them on this very World Tour! Probably, however, not many quite like Kuto and Kanuméra Bay on l’Île des Pins in New Caledonia. Curious that this beautiful island started off its existence on French colonial maps as a penal colony. What an awesome “punishment” to be sent out to live in paradise! It would have been a lot tougher when you had to figure out how to farm your own food and build your own shelter from next to nothing. However, given the moderate climate, still seems overall like not a bad deal when you think about coming from Middle Ages France with snobby nobles, ever-increasing taxes, the fighting of wars, the plague and such.

      Kuto Bay is right by the dock, where the Betico 2 ferry drops off, and next time we visit the Island, we shall certainly have to think really hard about staying at the gite right there on the beachfront (Kou-Bugny) for a couple of nights at least! The sand is of the finest white powder, the warm, calm waters range from pale sky to turquoise to marine blue, the avenue of grand palm trees provides ample shade and the local community is welcoming. We didn’t have long to stay and enjoy the beautiful environment that nature had created for the lucky people who call l’Île des Pins home, but we did collect some cool bits and pieces to build our own unique sandy souvenir of this wonderful day shared on paradise island.
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    • Day5

      Ile des Pins

      May 1, 2018 in New Caledonia ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

      Today we woke early and scavenged breakfast at a very ordinary restaurant - $40 for two slices of toast, two bowls of cereal juice and awful coffee from a machine. Ugh.

      Then we picked up a hire car, found a supermarket and bought a couple of baguettes for lunch, and headed off to explore the island. Our first stop was The Norte Dame of the Ascension church, built in the 1800’s. It was huge inside, and the type of church one could imagine Jake Blues cartwheeling down, while the congregation were fanning themselves and shouting Hallelujah!

      Next stop was a lookout over a beach, with a monument to the war dead. There are a lot of these in New Caledonia - I guess the Pacific campaign had a lot of casualties...

      We then stumbled in the Natural an oasis, but near the was an enclosed coral reef, quite unique. Quite a hike to get to, but once there, we swam as the water was crystal clear and an amazing blue. We left our snorkel gear in the car, however...big mistake! Paul very obligingly trekked the 1km back over the coral (i forgot my reef shoes too) and pick up our gear, and lunch. You can see some of the hike through the pics of trees...

      So glad he did, as it was like snorkeling in a marine aquarium...very beautiful!
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    • Day9

      Jour 7 - Depart a l'ile des Pins

      December 29, 2019 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Réveil a 7h, décollage a 8h direction l'île des Pins, un petit îlot au large de Nouméa

      20min de vol à bord d'un ATR d'Air Calédonie

      Nous arrivons a notre hôtel dans un petit bungalow traditionnel en forme de case Calédonienne Puis direction la plage de sable fin.

      On fini la journée en se promenant dans la baie de Kuto au sud de l'île
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