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  • Day288

    Before starting my last big roadtrip up to Yukon, Northwest Territory and Alaska I wanted to escape the city life. So I searched for a helpX place close to Vancouver and found a horse stables in Delta.
    In the past I was kinda afraid of horses or let's say I had lots of respect for them. That's why it was a good chance for me to learn more about these beautiful animals and fight my fear. 😁

    Sue the owner had no private room for me left but I could stay in the lounge which was above the inside ring. So I always could watch the riding lessons going on. Different to my previous helpX stays was that the host didn't stay at the same place as us, so once a week we went grocery shopping with Sue and she payed for the food everyone had picked. So this was quite nice.

    In total there were around 70 horses at the stables, we were 5 helpers and some regular staff member. Usually we helpers had to work just 3 days a week and got the rest of the time off. The work included turn out, switch and turn in the horses as well as mucking/ bedding the stalls and changing the water for the horses. And there was also a lot if gardening to do on the farm. So depending on your horse experience you got scheduled for different tasks. Me as an unexperienced was lucky that I had to muck just twice and the other days I did some weeding around the outside ring. Compared to the other helpers I did really prefere this kind of work instead of shoveling pee and poop. 🤣

    I also got two riding lessons with Debbie. First she showed me how to prepare and saddle the horse and then we practiced the different gaits. The name of the horse I was riding was Midas. He was older, patient and already a bit grey-haired but really good to ride. I felt comfortable surprisingly fast. 😊

    On my second day Sue took the five girls of us and two horses to the beach for a walk. This was my first time sitting on a horse and it has been an awesome experience! So I could check another point of my bucket list. 😃
    For my last day Sue had planned to go kayaking with us in Boundary Bay which was beautiful and we got perfect weather for it. We could even see Mt Baker - lucky us.

    When Germany was playing against Sweden at the World Cup Johanna and I went to Vancouver to see the game at a pub. At the entrance they wanted to charge us 10$ so we were discussing whether to stay or look for another place. But then they told us the really important point that also breakfast is included. So the decision was made quickly. 😅 The atmosphere was intense until the end but luckily we won this one. After the match we found out that the Jazz Festival was going on downtown so we checked it out. There was a stand of Kinder Bueno where they gave away free samples so we collected some. ^^ Haven't had them for a quite long time. We found a free S'mores stand as well. You put a melted marshmallow in between of two chocolate coated cookies - loads of sucre. 🙈
    In the evening we met up with Sarah in Richmond and went to the Asian Night Market - delicious food everywhere! The next weekend I went with Maya again. :)
    On the other day we two also went to the drum circle on Third Beach in Vancouver. It was quite a bit of a walk to get there so at the end we could just stay for half an hour before we had to walk back to catch our last bus towards Delta. The bus ride took us almost two hours to get back to the farm with several changes on the way. It's always a pain in the ass and takes two hours to come back to the ranch no matter where you are.🤣
    Once Maya and I went to the Four Season Brewery just a couple of bus stops from the stables, tried eight different kinds and shared two delicious tapas from their menu. After this we just wanted to go to Ladner to buy her a new toothbrush and it ended up in a three hours trip for us cause we decided to eat at the delicious sushi place again where we've been with Sue the other day. Unluckily we just missed the bus so we had to take the next one and at the exchange station we had to wait for the transit again... At the end we probably would have been faster by walking. But never mind 😉

    I'm glad I've stayed at the stables, had my first riding lessons and got Maya as a dear friend! Thanks for the fun time together and sharing our stories. 😘
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  • Day280

    Beach time in Vancouver

    June 20 in Canada

    It was really hard to say goodbye to my parents and keep staying in Vancouver. But I found a nice located hostel close to Jericho Beach. So totally different area to where I was before and something new to explore.
    I took my time to relax at the beach and had to process all the impressions of the last roadtrip. It has been just an overload of to many beautiful places. So at some point it's quite hard to remind yourself to keep appreciating and not getting used to it.

    Kate a german girl who was in the room with me and I went for some nice walks along the beach while enjoying the gorgeous sunsets. So I was in good company and we spent a great time together. :)

    On tuesday I did the whale watching tour which got canceled before with my parents. And this time we were so lucky and spotted orcas. First just one and later this male one catched up with the rest of his family. So at the end we saw four of them. 😊

    I'm falling more and more in love with this amazing city and there are still so many new areas to explore!
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  • Day277

    After 19 days on the road we returned our RV on friday around noon and checked in a nice hotel room with two queensized beds at Holiday Inn so I could sneak in as well easily. 😉
    I showed my parents a bit around the city and we explored Granville Island together. We had the most perfect weather for sightseeing and especially a super clear sky for our scenic seaplane flight on the second day! The view was just so stunning and except above the mountains it was a quite calm flight, too.😃 So I could check another point of my bucket list afterwards.
    For the next afternoon we had booked a whale watching tour but unfortunately it got canceled for safety reason due to bad weather on the sea. So the bad luck on the day Germany lost his first worldcup game against Mexico continued... Instead we went for another nice walk along the coast and took the aquabus for exploring this beautiful city from the water.
    Those three days were a great final for the trip with my parents and I'm really grateful that they took the long journey to come and visit me! It's always good to have family around you after such a long journey.
    Again thanks a lot, mom and dad - I love you! 😘
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  • Day266

    Banff Area - ⛰ 3

    June 6 in Canada

    In Banff we spent three nights at a huge but well located campground where we had a great view at the mountains. The first night we treated ourself with a delicious dinner at an italian restaurant. So we had enough power the next day to hike up to Castle lookout where we had a great panorama into the valley. In the afternoon my dad and I hiked up to Tunnel Mountain lookout as well and enjoyed the view over Banff.
    At the second day we did the hike to Johnston Canyon Falls and further to the Ink Pots. The falls were really touristy and packed. The Ink Pots weren't but I also had some different expectations. In the evening we took the gondola up to Sulphur Mt and were stunned by the beautiful panorama view.
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  • Day263

    One day we had a "lake day". In the morning we went to Emerald Lake and got a beautiful reflection there.
    Our next stop was a walk to Wapta Falls and then we drove further to Lake Louise which was already quite busy. I don't wanna know how packed it is in high summer season. On the way up there the parking area for Moraine Lake was full but we were lucky on our way back. Both lakes had a stunning turquoise colour and the sun came out for us, too. 🌞 It was a perfect day!Read more

  • Day259

    After one night in Vancouver we picked up our RV, got organized and did the groceries for the first days. We were suprised by the spaciousness of the RV especially with the slideout for the sitting area.
    My dad had planned the route well and we headed southeast first, passed Hope and drove through Okanagan Valley to Revelstoke.
    Unfortunately the last part of the road up to Revelstoke Mountain was still closed due to snow on the top. But we visited Revelstoke dam instead which was really impressive. It's the second largest dam in North America.
    On the road towards the Rocky Mountains we did a few small tracks and one of them had skunk cabbage with large leaves and luckily it wasn't blooming yet.
    The landscape got nicer and nicer and the mountains taller and taller with snow on the top.
    One night we spent at a beautiful located, free recreation site but for breakfast it was really cold outside.
    Welcome to the Rockies in early June! 😉
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  • Day254

    The day after we explored Telegraph Cove and while walking along the bay we saw a whale. :) An old couple from the campground last night told us about another awesome free camping spot at Ida Lake. So we checked it out and we were the only one there. Ruby and I went for a short dip in the lake. It was freezing but we had a campfire to heat up again afterwards.
    On our way to Qualicum Beach we stopped at Elk Falls. This waterfall was massive and so beautiful. They also had a suspension bridge to go over the canyon and many lookouts to get different views. We even saw two colourful rainbows. When we reached Qualicum Beach in the evening there was a delicious curry already waiting for us which our host had cooked. 😋 We went for a walk along the beach when it was low tide and watched the sunset.
    The next day we crossed the island to reach Tofino and checked in on Long Beach campground (the only time we had to pay for the night on this trip). Unfortunately it wasn't the perfect beach weather so I went for a walk through the cute town. On our second day in Tofino Jen and I drove to Uculet and did the Wild Pacific Trail while Madita and Ruby enjoyed a beach day. Before heading back to our campground we stopped at Long Beach (16 km) a perfect surfing spot cause it was quite windy.
    The day after was already our second last together. We stopped at Cathedral Cove where some of Canadas oldest and largest trees grow (giant Douglas fir tree, some more than 800 years old). For our last lunch and dinner together we treated ourselves with a tasty burger from "goats on the roof" where literally were goats grazing on the roof. 😅
    On saturday morning we took the ferry back from Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay and it was time to say goodbye. But there wasn't really time for me being sad cause after dropping off the girls downtown and returning our car I was welcoming my parents at the airport in the late afternoon.
    I'd like to thank again Jen, Madita and Ruby for being such great travelbuddys and making the trip a cool adventure together! 😊
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  • Day249

    On the 16th of may Jen, Ruby and I met at the airport early in the morning to pick up our car as well as Madita arriving from Hawaii. We named our car Churchill cause it was white like a polar bear and those are living around Churchill (Manitoba) in Canada.
    After doing some grocery shopping we took the ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay for about 1,5h. Unfortunately we didn't see any whales on our way. After arriving on the island we visited Butchart Gardens which is beautifully landscaped and really worth to visit. For the first night we had found a couchsurfer close to Sidney. He lived with his three roommates in a house with a big garden and they had their own chicken. We cooked dinner for them and had a nice chat.
    The second day we explored BC's capital Victoria and drove up a bit along the west coast where we camped at Jordan River. On our way to Nanaimo we went for a walk in Botanical Beach Provincial Park and visited Lake Cowichan. We made our dinner in the park at the harbour front before heading to our next couchsurfers place where we stayed for two nights. The day after we explored Newcastle Island and went for a long walk around it. For the evening we had bought tickets for a backyard fest where local bands played and enjoyed the sunny weather, too.
    It was a lot of driving in front of us the next day to get all the way up close to Port McNeill (our northest point of the trip) along the eastern coastline. In Campbell River we took a break and had a look on the farmers market in town before heading to our beautiful free campground at Anutz Lake. After setting up our tents we collected some fire wood. We were lucky cause one neighbour lighted up our fire, another helped us to get it started properly and a third one brought us more fire wood - canadians are so kind and helpful! :)
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  • Day244

    First Time Vancouver

    May 15 in Canada

    I was lucky that my couchsurfer host Khaled picked me up from the train station. After dropping off my luggage we drove to Deep Cove and relaxed there. We also hiked up to Quarry Rock for a nice view.
    The next day I met up with Jen for planning our 10-day roadtrip on Vancouver Island and renting the car. She had left a message on the board of her hostel looking for a forth person to join us for the trip and Ruby (australian) got back to her about it. So we were four girls in total (1Aussie, 3Germans) and going to pick up Madita from the airport on wednesday (our first day).
    After arranging everything I explored downtown and went for a nice walk along the seaside while enjoying the perfect weather. I also visited the market on Granville Island - a cute area. :)
    The second day I had to organize and buy some stuff for the trip starting tomorrow. In the evening I had dinner with Khaled and gave him some tipps for his traveling through Europe especially explaining him our roadsigns and rules cause some of them are quite different to the canadians.
    I really enjoyed my first couple of days in this beautiful city surrounded by stunning nature and am looking forward to come back soon with my parents!
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  • Day240

    One day before my planned departure I got notified by Via Rail that we are delayed and gonna leave the day after around noon. On the website they already warned you not to plan any connecting transits due to possible delays. But starting with already 15,5hrs was quite a lot 😅
    I was early at the train station and checked my big backpack in. Before lining up we got a free lunch box and I was lucky that I randomly picked the one with my favorite pop inside. :) It was free seating and everyone was able to get a double seat for oneself. You could recline the seats and establish a leg extension in two different positions. I was also well prepared with my sleeping bag, inflatable pillow, earplugs and sleeping mask.
    There were just three railcars for economy seating and the rest was first class where they had beds, showers and meals included. But after the second night I had found a rather good sleeping position without changing every hour. ;) Mostly I was up early between 5 and 6 so I could enjoy the rising sun.
    The first day and night we were still crossing Ontario and it felt like we were standing most of the night cause we had to wait for oncoming freight trains.
    The next day we reached the prarie Manitoba and had the chance to go for a short walk in Winnipeg before heading towards Saskatchewan. I also saw some bisons on a ranch. The railway station of Saskatoon was smaller than the one in my hometown ^^
    We were now riding into Alberta and reached Edmonton one day later than planned. It was time to say goodbye to one of my friends (Epiphany) I was playing cards with most of the time on the train.
    From Saskatoon on they also started to give away free snacks and juice and for the passenger leaving a free meal before they got off.
    After Edmonton we gradual rode into the incredible Rocky Mountains of Jasper Nationalpark. :) Just before entering the town of Jasper we had to wait again and gained another three other delay. Many passengers got off in Jasper and at the end we were 12 in enconomy class going all the way together from Toronto to Vancouver like a big family. All different but this great journey in common. Shabir and Alvin had many interesting stories to tell and Zoe and Alex were also fun to talk to. :) Thanks guys for making this trip unforgettable!
    On the 13th of may we finally reached our destination Vancouver with a total delay of 27,5hrs. And I was lucky that I got picked up by my couchsurfer host Khaled from the train station.

    So remember never take the train #1 through the country if you are in a rush. But if you would like to enjoy an unforgettable journey then do it before the government cancel this beautiful train due to unprofitability!
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