You'll never know until you go. Let's find some beautiful place to get lost.
Living in: Radebeul, Deutschland

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  • Day90

    After two great weeks in Montréal I did another homestay in the countryside. This time two hours east of Montréal close to Sherbrooke.
    My host Mathieu picked me up in Montréal cause he had a meeting in the city. When we arrived it was snowing a lot! His house was huge and so beautiful. Mat designed it himself.
    In these two weeks I painted three walls. It was quite a bit of work. But Mat was really pleased with my work. :)
    One day we went on a quad ride with his little son Attis to pick a christmas tree from his property. Afterwards I decorated the christmas tree together with Attis. I also was allowed to go for another quad ride by myself which was really exciting and a lot of fun. :) I spent an amazing time with Mat and Attis and hope to see them again one day.
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  • Day75

    "GO HABS GO!" - This is the fan chant of the Montreal Canadiens. "Habs" comes from Les Habitants which is one of the french nicknames for the team.
    On monday they played against the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Bell Center. The stadion was almost sellout and the atmosphere was just great. Especially after the early first goal for the Canadiens followed by a second one in the first period. In the second period it got thrilling when the Blue Jackets caught up and dominanted the game. After the second big break the Canadiens were back and made the final goal in the last minutes.
    It was a really great experience and probably not my last game I watched in Canada. Go Habs Go. :)
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  • Day73

    Last weekend Hannah and I took a rideshare to Québec City for visiting the German Christmas Market. We did couchsurfing at Antoine's place where I have been with Madeline before and Hannah knew him from couchsurfing too. When we arrived there were already a bunch of people Antoine had invited for vegetarian sushi. He did a really great job and it tasted delicious.
    On saturday afternoon we went to the old town where the christmas market was located. We enjoyed the atmosphere, had the smallest mulled wine (4oz) ever and some roasted almonds too. In the evening we went to a friends place where we met some more travellers and played werewolf together which was totally fun.
    Sunday we slept late and after a nice breakfast we went for another walk in the city. It was sunny but windy and quite cold.
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  • Day63

    After spending a week in Toronto it was time for me to move to the countryside. So I did a homestay for three weeks at Philip and Louise place. They live three hours north of Toronto in a cottage at the lake. Unfortunately I hadn't the opportunity to meet Louise cause she was in Edmonton visiting their son and grand children. So for most of the time it was just Philip, me and their cat. We heated the cottage with firewood and got our drinking water from a spring water place close by. When it's -40°C the water is still running there and it tasted so good.
    For one week we got company from Tina a funny chinese girl. And for one weekend a former helper Yasaman from Iran studying in Toronto came up for visit with her friends Yasaman and Nick. We got the new bungalow painted and most of the electricity done. One afternoon Philip took us out for Bowling what was totally fun. They play it with just 5 pins and the small balls. After the game we went to the Schnitzelhouse an Austrian restaurant. The portions were huge and last for another or even two more meals. It was like having three Schnitzel on your plate 😅
    I had a great time in the countryside and learned a lot from Philip. If I have time I'll go back to visit them next year again.
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  • Day41

    Tuesday Pulkit and I went to the zoo. It took us around 1,5 hours to get there by public transport but it was worth to visit!
    The main attraction were the pandas. There were four of them, two kids and their parents. Most time they were just relaxing. ;)
    We hadn't enough time to see the whole zoo but we saw a lot and spent almost three hours there.
    Thanks for your company Pulkit! It was so much fun. :)Read more

  • Day40

    Casa Loma is a castle-like manor built between 1911 and 1914 for around 3,5 Mio. Canadian Dollar by order of Sir Henry Pellatt.
    My host Pulkit and I enjoyed the visit and the nice view from one of the towers. Thanks for your company! :)

  • Day38

    Saturday I visited the museum and of course it was quite busy at the weekend. But it wasn't too bad at all.
    I liked the anemones in their variety of colours and the shining jellyfishs.

  • Day37

    Luckily I got a Toronto citypass from my colleagues and employees as a farewell present. Thanks a lot for this again! :)
    So I did all the touristic stuff while I spent one week in Toronto staying at my couchsurfer host's place again.
    The first day I checked out the Royal Museum and went to the CN-Tower (Canadian National Tower) just perfect before sunset. It got two observation decks, the main one is 342m and the new one (Sky Pod) 446,5m high. It has a glass floor deck, too.
    The view was just amazing up there! :)
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  • Day36

    I crossed the border at the Niagara Falls and had a short quick stop there cause I had to return the car on time. I was lucky with the weather, sunny and quite warm for mid october and it wasn't to busy at all.
    When I returned the car the mileage showed over 6000km for the past 19 days. But it wasn't just driving like it might seem. It was a beautiful roadtrip with stunning nature and meeting great people along the way.
    I would like to say thank you to my two travel companions Madeline and Caddi who made this trip even more enjoyable and to all my couchsurfing hosts for their kind hospitality! :)
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  • Day34

    In Halifax our ways splitted. Madeline flew back home, Caddi went to New Foundland and I had to return the car to Toronto. I decided to drive via US this time to see something different. I found three great places to couchsurf on my way.
    I checked out some cool breweries Adam recommended to me in Portland and tasted some beer, cider and kamboucha. I bought some beer and kamboucha to bring it to my host in Toronto.Read more

  • Day31

    In Louisbourg we visited the old fortress a reconstructed french town from the 18th century.
    The day after we went to Lunenburg a really nice small port city and canadas oldest german settlement. For lunch we had our first fish cake, so delicious.

  • Day29

    This was the best bed I slept in for long! We did a really good deal with this accomondation. :)
    In the morning we drove up to Meat Cove a rough coastline and after we did a track around Warren Lake. But my highlight today was the hike up to Franey Mountain with the stunning panoramic views of Clyburn River canyon and Atlantic Ocean.
    When we arrived in our accomondation for tonight we got pleasantly suprised by fresh fruits, muffins, ice cream, toast and eggs. So for breakfast the next day we got a welcome diversion to our oats. :)
    There is the Celtic Colours Festival with a lot of live music at the moment in this area too. So we decided to check it out in Baddeck and found a small pizza restaurant where a man was singing and playing guitar - a great evening around locals.
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