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  • Day 46

    Heading home

    March 4 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    Final Day -- I didn't pack and was concerned at how I would fit it all in again (since I brought a carry-on with Pilates rings but shoved other stuff in as well).
    We recorded a Yoga Pilates Fusion video to be used online at 7am, taught my last class at the studio at 9am (and Edward from windsurfing school was there), chatted with him about the studio (first time in 30 years he came to a studio) and classes he will offer, went back to Christels to have a meeting with Laura about finances and Wouter was there as he will help Christel with this part.
    Helped with a few Momoyoga things before Wouter and Christel left for a party (Luke and Lindsays) at a private beach.
    My flight kept getting pushed so I WhatsApp Heuron auto to keep the car for another hour, and went to Mombo for a final walk on the beach. I came home and they picked up the car, then turned to packing. Michelle was going to pick me up and the plan was 5:30 as flight was pushed to 8:05 (vs 4:45). Then I got a message while still in bikini that it was leaving earlier.... I messaged Michelle and she picked me up right away!
    I left candle, wine and some notes for Christel and gave Michelle a candle too. My heart is full and I hope to someday be back!!
    I checked luggage in at the counter and breezed through security. Flight was delayed longer -- we got into Toronto at 1am and had to pick up baggage, but couldn't check it in, or go back through security until later. Laid on cold floor by the Air Canada baggage drop off till 3:30. They finally opened but since my flight want till 8am they wouldn't let me check in..... So I just went through security and took my chances that I could put it on the plane..... And I did. Flight was delayed again. I was in a window seat with two others but quickly moved to a vacant row of seats and tried for more shut eye on the flight home.
    Bev & Harry picked me up and took me to Dads where I grabbed the trusty Saturn.... Went and got groceries and then headed to bed for a few hours before teaching an 8pm Yin at True (followed by a 6:15am & 9am the next morning). Still working on the Movements website (with Menuka) this week.
    ** Monday bought Oakley to pet sit so I had to include a picture as he has made the transition great!
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  • Day 45

    Kayaking, Networking & Fish

    March 3 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 26 °C

    Friday was a packed day as it was my last full day and I was fitting it ALL in. I took some time off regular work, and used the car which was great. Although I only used $20 of gas (so didn't go very far).

    Ingeborg sailed with me and I had given her my card when we left and asked that she stay in touch as she seemed to be connected to all the people who needed crew. She wroteme a What's App note and we were back and forth through the week. When I didn't get to kayak to the Blue Room I reached out to her as she was connected with Eddy (teaches sailing) and even though it was windy we had a wonderful paddle. She is a great lady and I look forward to connecting with her again if I return.

    A quick shower and change and off to a networking event at PID with Iwan. It turned out to be a baby celebration.... The doctors (Erica and Germain), just had their 4th boy (Fender), two weeks ago. There is a Dutch tradition of sprinkles on bread/toast. It was nice to chat with people, but unfortunately I couldn't stay long as I was heading back to Happy Hour at Christels.
    I didn't get to say goodbye to Ashley, but Eline was there and so was Alisha. I was so fortunate to meet a lot of great people during my stay.
    Christel, Alisha, Wouter and I went to a fish place (right on the water) to eat. You stand in a long queue, order food and they bring it to you. It looked like the only thing I could have was tuna as the rest was fried. However, when it came I went to the kitchen area to check -- turns out they coat it with soy and then roll it in sesame before grilling it..... BUT no gluten in the frier, so fries (and corn fries) were available to try.... And they ordered special tuna steak for me -- Delicious!

    ** last night of sleep and I slept well every night. I averaged 7-8hrs per night and usually felt great!! I turn on the AC at night, once in bed, put in a long sleeve shirt so the bugs wouldn't bite me, and usually slept ALL night (better than home).
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  • Day 45

    Shopping in Sambil & Punda

    March 3 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

    After the Kokomo hike, I wanted to get a big candle for Christel. We settled on something smaller (and I picked a mango one for Michelle). Unfortunately, Intergra Wellness was not open till 11am, so we walked around the mall and grabbed a coffee there. We both agreed that malls are awful (and Sambil is very new to Curacao, taking business away from other areas), and service was no better them Kokomo where we waited 30min for coffee and never received it, so left and went swimming.
    We then headed to Punda (Pietermaai) and went to Locala (where Michelles artwork is featured), a gallery, the market and around colorful wall murals. The video is the bridge that connect Outrabanda and Punda.
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  • Day 45

    Last hike & swim adventure

    March 3 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    I meet Michelle at Kokomo beach at 7am to start a hike. We were to hike for 2 hours and then I was heading back to meet with Christel and Laura about finances for Movements. However, we got a bit lost and ended up being 2.5 - 3hr hike through a lot of brush. Picked some flamingo feather and saw a piece of heart shaped coral that I'll take home with me. Since we had to cancel finance meeting we stayed at the beach and went for a swim around the platform (water was cold). We got caught in a downpour on the way out, but I love the Curaçao rain ☔🇨🇼Read more

  • Day 44

    Blue room cave

    March 2 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 27 °C

    The plan was to go kayaking to the Blue Room Cave and snorkel along the way. We arrived at a remote beach and Capitian Feel Good would not rent us kayaks. He said the seawasto rough, and was also scared that someone died at Mambo Beach the day before and he was worried it would move like a virus to other beaches. What I have learned is to always expect a change of plans (and a shift in emotions).
    We decided to hike but unfortunately I had on white flip flops that were thin worn and nearly ready for garbage. After several thorns dug through, Christel offered we switch shoes. At one point we contemplated turning back as Christel was uncomfortable with locals we met along the way.
    We were with Ava (Christel’s childhood friend who was in town) and Wes. They stayed on the cliff with our bags, Christel jumped off, and I timidly climbed down on the coral. Got into the water and guides were with a group, so they helped me get under the rock and into the cave. Once there it was pretty neat, but I had a stinging feeling on my back and wanted to leave as I didn't know what it was.
    I returned back to the cliff top and Ava and Wes jumped in. It was nice to have some alone time in the middle of no where.
    Once they surfaced again, I decided to try jumping off the cliff (only 10-15ft high) and screamed the whole way down. I forgot to plug my nose so I got a good saltwater rinse.
    We went to another location for a cliff jump (about 30+ ft up), and watched Wes and Christel go a few times. Was fun to watch Christel in her element!
    Later we went to a Laundhaus for some food (just coffee for me) and then dropped off the crew and back home for a quick shower before heading into the studio to teach.
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  • Day 43

    Week Four of Yoga

    March 1 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 26 °C

    Hard to believe it was my final week! I loved every minute and I taught the Saturday class before I left later in the day. We also recorded a class in Christel’s yard to be used as on on-line class for later.
    The studio is seeing new faces and Ashley was back this week (Joyce will be back next) - two influencers who are posting lots about the studio. Christel is working on her Yin training this week we got Ashleys photos (Influence through the Lens).... It was fun to go through them!
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  • Day 42

    Mambo Beach week with the Car

    February 28 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    Have car... Will scoot to Mambo beach as often as I could to get in a swim. It was only 1.5km away and a nice area! I didn't always have my phone.... But when I did, lots of selfies to remind me how joyful I felt, how much I loved having my feet in the sand, how I enjoyed swimming and how the sunlight energized me like no other!Read more

  • Day 41

    Car Day and Beach yoga

    February 27 in Curacao ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

    Morning class at the studio and then we were supposed to go to Kome restaurant, unfortunately it was closed so we walked to a few other spots... Saint Tropez and the Scuba Lodge. None really had GF options so we decided to just get food at home.
    Car arrived at 2pm and I did a quick run to the beach for a swim. We then went to Edwards yoga at the windsurf school. He again told Christel that he would teach and he would come to a class this week! Yay!!
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  • Day 41

    Sailing Regatta

    February 27 in Curacao ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Although it has been sporadic, I have been trying to read my devotions and write each day (it usually happens every 3-4th day), but I enjoy the time to stop and reflect.... To be grateful for life and what God has given me!
    Michelle to the rescue again. She picked me up and drove me to Asento (the place where the boat was -- I don't think I would have found it with my own car)!
    I arrived early and helped the skipper bring things onto the boat. It is a Pacer 27, with no real cabin below. One of the women had a dry ag, so I stored my phone there and didn't have a chance to take photos on the course. We were out for 4.5 hours (slow but loved every minute of it). We didn't fly the spinnaker. Luckily someone was taking photos of the race and I saw them on Facebook later.. I got a drive to MacDonald's from one of the crew and walked home from there. Spent the evening making arrangements for a car.
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