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  • May31

    Notting Hill, B.O & Pies at 5am

    May 31 in Qatar ⋅ ☀️ 40 °C

    Wow! That was certainly a huge first leg! 14 hours since departing from Melbourne and currently sitting in Doha at 35°

    Probably didn’t sleep more than a couple of hours, especially as I had a XXL man who had raised his seat arm so he could fit… Consequently, almost sitting/sleeping on me! It didn’t help that he had a very bad BO problem either… Thank God (or Allah!?) for the mask in this case 🙄😷

    The food and service on Qatar 🇶🇦 is outstanding! The only odd choice was the snack of a meat pie at 5 am! The rest of the meals were extremely well done, nutritious and delicious 😋

    I settled in and watched One Night in Soho (..very strange flick) and got teary-eyed watching Notting Hill, knowing I’ll be physically there this weekend.

    I’m reminded just how far Australia 🇦🇺 is from the rest of the world 🌍 12,000km and still half as far to go again! Hopefully the Airbnb con artists will not play funny buggers in 7 hours time… it will be in no mood to play hide 🫣 & seek!
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    Robyn McCabe

    Oh no about your seating arrangement, was the plane full.

    Troys Travels

    Absolutely chokkas! People seem more selfish to be honest 😷😷😷

    Troys Travels

    Would have thought the pandemic made people more compassionate… but! We are talking about the human race!

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  • Day2

    Day in Doha

    October 17, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    An early arrival for a stopover in Doha. 25 hours between connecting flights meant we had to collect and recheck-in luggage, A simple task except that Doha’s ‘policy’ meant that 6 hours was the maximum luggage could be checked-in before flying! Eleven bags in a hire car was not going to be possible, so after a little persuasion we were allowed to check in the bags with the risk that they might not arrive in Nairobi

    A tired drive to the hotel, a shower, a French breakfast in a patisserie and then we headed to the beach - it is hot - over 40 degrees, although apparently it gets to 50 degrees so today was fine! Katara beach was good and the water very warm - the best place to be as sitting on the beach was not really an option in the heat.

    After some ice cream to cool down we drove to Souq Waqif, the old traditional souq in Doha. A hive of busyness and trading, but not at all threatening with respectful traders who did not persist - perhaps reflecting the fact that Qatar is the richest country by GDP per capita. Much to Emma’s excitement there was a ‘Local Dates Exhibition’ where date producers brought their dates to be sampled - a welcome appetiser before dinner of local grilled meats and salads.

    Back to the hotel for a roof top swim. Qatar is a real mix of traditional and modern, with warm and friendly people. A night’s sleep and then to the airport to go to Nairobi, hopefully with our luggage...
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    Anna Burton

    Looks great hope you have a good flight today xxx Anna x

    David Burton

    What a really SUPER time you have obviously enjoyed in Doha and a fantastic experience for you all! The souk looked very interesting and especially the date exhibition. I don't think I would have managed to swim in that pool!! Have a great time xxxx

  • Day99

    Quarantined for a week in Doha

    April 9 in Qatar ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    On my checklist to fly back to the US on 4 Apr, I had to get a COVID test. I got a PCR on 2 Apr, and then back to my hotel to get a good night's sleep before packing and heading to the airport for my 1 AM departure on the 4th. Well, on my way to the airport, I went back to get my results and BOOOOM . . . popped positive. No symptoms, so was a bit shocked. Then had to scramble to find an authorized hotel to quarantine for 7 days. During my isolation, I did have some symptoms for a day or two, but very mild. I tested again on day 7, got a negative result, and booked the first flight out to the US. Flew for 20 hours on 10 April, and now getting ready for the Prelube Cruise and follow on to Trinidad for OUTERHASH.Read more

  • Day43

    To Souk Waqif

    November 5, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    It's 16.15 so time to Uber over to the Souk to be there for sunset at 16.51. More than one person has said it's so much prettier in the evenings. The traffic is heavy; this is obviously normal.

    We have a good wander around the souk. They are very civilised with absolutely no heckling or trying to get you into their shops at all! Not that there was much we would've wanted to buy : loads of plastic junk, phone stuff, swathes of material, sweets, household stuff... I thought we could try local food, maybe support some of the local ladies out the front of the souk but, you know, flatbreads with crisps sprinkled over the top and then folded into quarters really wasn't doing it for me, even if they were freshly made!

    Later on we found the camel market and the falcon souk which were nice to see. We ran across the food section with all these items we either didn't know what to do with them or simply didn't even know what they were. The souk looks lovely all lit up in the dark.

    It's Syrian for dinner. The lamb sausages with potato were the best part. Then off to the hotel for some wine as it's not widely available. 20.30 and I'm drooping, can I make 21.00? No idea if I did...
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  • Day2

    In Doha festgesessen

    October 16, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    Haben unseren Anschlussflug in Doha verpasst.
    Der nächste geht erst 24h später. Qatar Airways kommt für Hotel etc auf. Gut dass wir diesen Urlaub mal nicht soo stramm geplant haben :)

    Haben einen „traditonellen“ Markt gefunden, das Museum Islamischer Kunst und Stadien die noch flott gebaut werden.Read more

  • Day77

    Airport in Qatar

    November 13, 2018 in Qatar ⋅ 🌬 26 °C

    We just arrived in Qatar 🇶🇦 after a six hour flight. We had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, and we had some bus trouble in the way to the airport...🚎🛫 now we have to wait three more hours until our next flight, to Chiang Mai 🇹🇭. Right now we are in the airport. The flight we just took was really fancy, (for us ;) ) and it had lots of tv shows and movies. 📺 For breakfast, we had the choice of a cheddar omelet, 🥚
    scrambled eggs, 🥚
    or pancakes 🥞 and porridge 🥣 (bleh). Lunch was chicken shawarma with a vanilla coconut sponge cupcake. I found out that I love shawarma!
    We will soon be in Thailand!!
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    So excited for you guys to get to Chiang Mai! We absolutely LOVED our time there a few weeks ago! The Bairds.


    That’s one big bear 🐻 I think. Blake

    Shiloh Knox


  • Day28

    Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar

    November 28, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Doha is a large modern city, with reputedly the highest income per capita in the world (oil based). It is home to the Islamic Art museum which houses priceless exhibits from the last 1200 years, obtained from the entire Persian area. These pics show the building itself and views from it ...Read more

  • Day24

    Doha, Qatar

    November 11, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Qatar oder Katar ist ein Emirat und liegt auf der Halbinsel im Persischen Golf. Es hat im Süden eine Grenze mit Saudi Arabien und westlich liegt die Insel Bahrain. Die Landschaft Qatars besteht aus Wüste, langen Küstenabschnitten mit Stränden und Dünen. Staatsoberhaupt ist der Emir Scheich Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani von ca. 2,7 Millionen Einwohnern. Die Hauptstadt mit ihrer futuristischen Skyline ist Doha.

    Morgens laufen wir im Hafen von Doha ein. Unsere heutige Tour ist eine Wüstensafari in den Süden von Qatar mit 10 Jeeps, die jeweils für 4 Personen vorgesehen sind. "Dunes discovery", mal sehen, was uns erwartet.

    Wir sitzen zusammen mit Coron und Bob aus der Nähe von Vancouver/ Kanada im ersten Jeep, den der Tourführer Mayid, ein kräftiger Emirati fährt. Er wird die Route durch die Wüste vorgeben, in Funk- und/ oder Handy-Kontakt zu allen weiteren Fahrern stehen, denn alle anderen Jeeps folgen ihm brav.

    Dass er wirklich nur ein versierter Fahrer ist, bemerken wir schnell an seinen doch begrenzten Englischkenntnissen. Auf der Fahrt in den Süden erklärt er uns nur das absolut Notwendigste. Wir fahren auf 7 spurigen, brandneuen Autobahnen ( 7 Spuren in eine Richtung!) vorbei an den Neubauten der Fußballstadien (8 Stück) für die Fußball WM 2022. Ein modernes Metrosystem gehört genauso mit in das Stadtbild wie die Dörfer, die für die Fußballer aus aller Welt aus dem Wüstenboden gestampft wurden.

    Ungefähr eine Stunde fahren wir in den Süden, vorbei an den riesigen Öl Raffinerien und Erdgas Industrien, die von weit her sichtbar sind an den Schornsteinen, aus denen schwarzer Rauch entweicht oder loderne Flammen in den Himmel wehen. Das ist der Rohstoff, der das Land zu einem der reichsten Länder der Welt macht.
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  • Day43

    Museum of Islamic Art

    November 5, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We Uber to the Museum of Islamic Art and are amongst the first visitors of the day. We go to some of the upstairs galleries to enjoy them almost empty.

    The Museum is displaying Islamic art from the last thousand or so years from the many countries that it has touched. It is a lovely place with big, darkened galleries with pieces lit up on spot display. Space is a big feature and it's very calm.

    We share a chicken shawarma wrap and an almond croissant in the museum cafe, overlooking the city and sea. I discover the lovely outdoor space with lots of fountains. It's really warming up now, it's about 33C and there's some humidity.

    We both shattered now so Uber back to the hotel. John puts his head down and I go off for a swim. There's actually a definite chance of me falling asleep in the sun so I go back to the room to try to snooze. No chance.
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  • Day3

    Souq Waqif - Peepshow

    October 25, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Souq Waqif - hier direkt im Souq war auch unser kleines Hotel.
    Neben Goldsouq, Camelsouq, vielen Restaurants aus allen denkbaren arabischen Länder, gibt es hier auch einen Falcon Souq einschl. mehrstockigem Falken-Hospital.
    Der Falke hat hier wohl sehr viel mit gesellschaftlichem Status zu tun und kann auch mal 6 stellige Eurobeträge kosten - health insurance kommt dann noch extra dazu :-)
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Hamad International Airport, Flughafen Doha, مطار حمد الدولي, Aeropuerto Internacional Hamad, فرودگاه بین‌المللی حمد, Aéroport international de Doha, נמל התעופה הבינלאומי חמאד, DOH, OTHH, Bandar Udara Internasional Doha Baru, Aeroporto Internazionale Hamad, ハマド国際空港, 뉴도하 국제공항, Port lotniczy Hamad, Aeroporto Internacional de Hamad, Международный аэропорт Хамад, ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติฮาหมัด, Hamad Uluslararası Havalimanı, Sân bay quốc tế Hamad, 哈马德国际机场

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