Hey, I'm on my first major overseas trip. Out to discover the world, starting with the UK and Europe. I'm a massive foodie.
Living in: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Day74

    Murder mile walking tour

    February 11 in the United Kingdom

    So I booked this before I booked the night out last night. Wasn't too much of a struggle though with a 11am start.
    I don't know why I thought it would be fun to find out about murders that have happened in west end and Soho on a Sunday morning.
    You know I love to live in ignorant naive bliss.
    But It was very interesting and Michael taking the tour has a large amount of passion for what he does.
    We actually go outside the houses that the murders happened in. The Soho strangler, a Damien ....

    So I went shopping to cheer me up. Not a surprise I found shoes and a hand bag.
    Now groceries and home to rest my sore legs from dancing all night and feet from walking all afternoon.
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  • Day73

    Forbidden nights girls nights

    February 10 in the United Kingdom

    With a description of 'the circus just got sexy' how else is there to enjoy a girls night pre Valentine's day?

    Started off at a Mediterranean restaurant called Olives N Meze. They had happy hour of 2 for 1 cocktails and one aptly named Porn Star martini. Vodka based with passion fruit and lime with a shot of champagne on the side. Yum!

    The show was fantastic! Such good fun with Dana, an Aussie girl I met back in December at the carols by candlelight. We've decided we'll be great friends as we have similar taste in drinks but opposite taste in men. A great foundation for any friendship.

    We hung around after the show as the venue is also a night club. With a 3am finish, I was very ready for bed. Thankfully the tubes still run at that time. So much cheaper than having to taxi everywhere.
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  • Day71

    Renewing my wine knowledge

    February 8 in the United Kingdom

    My local wine shop also hosts events like wine tastings.
    This was a simple wine knowledge Event, only three of us. But I need to go back to basics to get my nose and palate trained back up.
    And there are so many varieties we don't get in NZ and definitions to understand. The French have a whole different history I need to learn to understand.
    We tried a sparkling western cape south African wine, a bit too biscuity for my taste buds.
    A delicious southern France Viognier, A lot different to the nz ones I've tried. Good balance with peach and lemon on the palate.
    An Albarino Spanish white, just like the above only less pronounced.
    Then to a Marlborough Sav, the usual characteristics we're used to.
    Then on to the reds, a Beaujolais. Which is actually a region near Burgundy and made with Gamay grapes.
    Back to a Marlborough Pinot Noir then to an Aussie McLaren Vale Shiraz.

    I mainly did this as a tester to see how the feeling was and if I could make it in time as it starts at 6pm. Didn't want a bunch of wine snobs telling me what to taste.

    There's a more advanced wine and cheese evening at the end of the month that I'll try out.
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  • Day70

    Spring is hiding

    February 7 in the United Kingdom

    Even the flowers are confused with the sessions. This is the coldest week I've experienced in London. It's 1pm and it's reached 4°. It's like being back in New York. Nice blue skies though.

    My energy levels are back to normal, I think taking a multi vitamin has made a difference. Or just going to the gym gives energy.

    And look at how organised I am with food and snack portions. I barely know myself with this. Been doing the same with dinners and lunches. Groceries over here are actually quite cheap when it comes to fruit and veg.Read more

  • Day67

    Movie date night

    February 4 in the United Kingdom

    Visited Staines for dinner and a movie. Took me 2 hours to get there due to train delays and needing to find an alternative route.
    By that time I was cold and hungry. But I got there in the end.
    The date was with music teacher guy.
    He's definitely a Gareth type. Fun and silly. But if he doesn't make a move soon he's going to be in the friend zone. Which I'm happy with 😊

  • Day63

    Italian cooking class

    January 31 in the United Kingdom

    Time to learn how to make ravioli! Italian cooking class here I come.
    It was such an amazing class. Learnt a lot about pasta as well.
    When buying pasta make sure to look for more than 12g of protein, as it means good flour has been used. Check that it has been dried over a long time at a low temperature, below 40 degrees. This means the vitamins have been maintained in the process. Look for black specs on the pasta. These are impurities such as dirt, mice, bugs, whatever else that may have fallen in during the process.

    There was mixing, kneading, waiting = beer break, rolling, cutting, stuffing, shaping, Cooking, eating.
    Learnt techniques of kneading and rolling. And how to cook pasta correctly.

    The filling was spinach, ricotta, mix of hard cheese, nutmeg and pepper.

    And check out my tourist apron, love it! I was the only person that remembered to bring one. But I had to wear it as I know how much of a mess I usually am when cooking.

    They do a different pasta each month, may pop along again to learn more 😊

    Had a great day at work, our first auction for the season. Was able to pop down and watch, otherwise I watched it online during the day.
    People paid some anatomical prices for some crap.
    Very interesting to watch!
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  • Day61

    La Soirée circus night

    January 29 in the United Kingdom

    What else is there to do on a Monday night other than visit the circus. Beats going to spin class.
    It's so good to be able to kill time by going for a stroll.
    Strolled through Trafalgar square, to some Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges, along the Thames Embankment to The Wellington pub for dinner.
    It's nice it's getting lighter in the evenings.

    Meeting up with a girl called Christine. She's an Aussie that's been in London for a few more months than me.

    The show was amazing. I don't think I've said wow or holy shit so many times in a night. Recognized one of the acts from the buskers that make it to NZ. There was singing, circus arts, nudity and audience participation.
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  • Day60

    Normal life on my feet

    January 28 in the United Kingdom

    I am finally able to walk to get my groceries.
    Feels like freedom. I'm still terrible at only buying what is easy to carry home. Problem with shopping when you're hungry. And it's a 20min walk each way.
    Was very happy to enjoy the fruits of my labour.
    Happy Sunday!

    I feel like I'm finally back on my feet, in all manner of the term. Time to enjoy this crazy direction of life I decided to take.

  • Day59

    Another Saturday comedy night

    January 27 in the United Kingdom

    Caught up with Sara from my UK tour buddies.
    Out for dinner then a comedy show.
    Checked out a New York comedian called Alex Edelman’s.
    Luckily he was funnier than the comedians I experienced in New York.

    It was a fun night out exploring, the area Soho is near my work so I need to get out and find some more shows to discover.

  • Day57

    Change of Route to work

    January 25 in the United Kingdom

    Now I can walk better I thought it was time to try out a different route to work. Means only one train and getting off at St James Park.
    More walking, costs the same but very pretty overlooking the palace and watching squirrels forage.

  • Day54

    Finally joined a Gym

    January 22 in the United Kingdom

    Finally made it to a gym. It's massive! Compared to the little one I went to in NZ. Tried out a few machines to make sure my foot didn't hurt. Can't quite do the treadmill but any other low impact ones were good.
    Going to start doing classes to get back into the swing of things.

  • Day53

    Sunday lunch with Anne and Penny

    January 21 in the United Kingdom

    Went out for a lovely Sunday lunch at a local pub called the swan.
    Had to get the Sunday roast. Had a yummy lamb roast.
    It's going to be my new Sunday thing, find a new place for a roast each week.

    It was so good to meet and catch up with Anne and Penny. Anne is Grandad Terry's niece.
    They actually live just down the road from Fiona and Allan in Hampton court.
    We talked about family and travels and everything.Read more

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