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  • Day50

    More Rugby (and a quote from my studies)

    March 18, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌫 6 °C

    During one's life time how many people one encounters! You speak to them, you laugh a little, you share a glass of beer, you sing. But once the man is laid to rest beneath the cross, the end, he no longer exists. He is laid to rest and he is silent. He is silent. And if we hear someone respond, it is not from the bottom of the grave, we are simply dreaming. Sometimes someone comes to talk to us. Or to stroll around here and there. Or sometimes he stays seated. As if he weren't dead. Or he takes up a cart, even begins some kind of work. Just like a living man. Like a true living man, not like a dead man. Why - one can never know, but in the dream you never see a dead man in his grave, not even in the casket where he is laid during the funeral service. In our dreams the dead walk, they are seated in front of a pushcart, gesture to you with their hands. Just like the real living. Perhaps this is why the Lord gave dreams to man, so that he might see, as if they were truly living, those who no longer, but whom he would truly like to see again

    -Juozas Baltusis
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