Hi! Most of my trips are car - related, but currently I'm on my way to Australia, working for Seabourn. If you want to know more - try "#theBeautyofMotoring" on Google..
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  • If you want to explore - take the hop on/off Bus, otherwise you wont see much of interest.
    But there is a nice lagoon to swim, also a wavepool!

    It is interesting how many, very serious offroad cars are around - equipped with winches, offroadtires, sparetires, shovels, auxiliary headlamps, etc...

  • Explore, what other travelers do in:
  • Well..
    Sometimes you gain experiences which you don't want. Let me explain:
    After I managed to get rid of a couple of taxidrivers who desperately tried to convince me to use their cab to see the island.. I realized by while walking, that I don't want to see their island. This was by far the dirtiest place I've seen in my life. Garbage disposal - never heard of, not available..

    So the garbage is next to the street, next to the houses - literally everywhere!Read more

  • The middle of the contract! Another 70 days to go!
    The first glimpse of Indonesia? Omg, these people are really poor. Despite this, humans tend to be very friendly, and creative! When did u see a sewing machine mounted on a Motor - trycycle? Or a grocery store? Or somebody cleaning the street with a broom?

  • Apparently Emergency drills are our main concern in ports..
    Means, instead of exploring the World, I spent another 3 hours on the ship instead of being in Malaysia.

    Dear unknown friend, if you consider to work on a cruise ship - no, you wont see the Planet, but you'll have enough time for some selfies outside the ship..
    Even tough, I managed to eat some malaysian food and get a short feeling for Malaysia - much nicer, more enjoyable than India.

    Akward - Islandhopping is a big business - I've never seen so many small boats with 200 HP engines before! #theBeautyofMotoring
    Read more

  • Finally, we've made it.. Well it still was a challenge to convince the tuk tuk driver that we don't want to see everything. But finally we arrived in fort Kochi which was amazing. Not - basically it was a relatively nice place and a bit smelly - I wouldn't choose it for a vacation at least!

    But it was interesting to see that the fisherman lift huge wooden constructions into the water to catch some fish..Read more

  • The first time in an arabic country.. Very different, but very enjoyable!
    This people pay a lot of attention to their culture, which is a good thing. Well - akward was that these folks have as many tailors for female clothing than we have hairsaloons in Europe!

    By the way.. The local market is georgeous - and huge! Got almost lost.. But I'm done with most christmas presents! :-)

  • 6 seadays mean - a comfortable life on board. Everybody is relaxed. Nobody needs to hurry anywhere!

    But its windy! Windspeed 23mph + 17knots

  • Entirelly different - and really nice! When was the last time a stranger welcomed you to his country on the street?
    That happened to me twice, within 2 hours!

    Another interesting an great thing is the coffee: Brewed in a small pot in the middle of a bowl with hot sand - and very tasty!