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  • Day23

    Eagerly into Egton Bridge

    June 20, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We started the day high up on the moors so there was no big climb today. It was windy, cool with a bit of misty rain when we started off.

    Our first encounter was with “Fat Betty”. This is an old cross or way marker that has probably been there for hundreds of years. Other stone markers around here have names too, there’s Ralph and young Ralph. As we walked across Glaisdale Moor we could see the North Sea, and looked down on Great Fryup Dale. Then it was gently down to Glaisdale were we stopped for a break at the Arncliffe Arms. It looked like a storm brewing as we came down but it missed us.
    Then a beautiful walk through forest along the Esk River, such a contrast to being up on the wild moors. But there will be more Moor tomorrow. But more of that later.

    About 20 kilometres for the day.

    Then into Egton Bridge. Apparently the series “Heartbeat” was filmed around here. Who remembers that? I remember the little old police cars driving across the moors.

    A bit late of course, but when I was leaving our room this morning I read the notice on the door about what to do in case of fire. The “secondary exit” route from our room was to open the window and jump. A small window and a long drop, glad there was no fire.

    Tonight was the last night for just us and our guide, John. Tomorrow night we will be joining Group One for dinner. We have followed John up hill and down dale and he has been wonderful. Great, quirky sense of humour, does a very good Basil Fawlty, very knowledgeable about all sorts of amazing things and he looked after us so well. This was his 14th Coast to Coast so navigation was a breeze.

    We gave him the Order of the Koala and inducted him as an honorary member of the MWWC. We prepared a very detailed appraisal of his performance, thanks Julie, which can be published later.
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