Mates in South America

Me? I am a human, living on earth, traveling through life. Every Moment is worth being experienced So I'll just do that.
Living in: Heide, Deutschland

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  • Day43

    Mindo seems to be a nice little village.
    You can do all kinds of things here.
    Climbing waterfalls, tubing, zip-lining,... And many more.
    But ,... unfortunately we both became ill. Had different symptoms and so we couldn't do any of those things.
    What to do? Well we went straight back to Quito, cause the nearest doc is there.

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  • Day36

    Another big city. It's 60km long and 8km wide. Respect for that. Even on the height of 4000m we couldn't see the beginning nor the end of this wide stretched city.
    Anyway, the city is OK, but the mountain view is OP.
    But for real Quito... How the fck does your bus system work. Nobody seems to know, not even the ticket counter could help us out.

  • Day36

    So that's it. We leave you be for now.
    Ecen if the way out has become a "pain in the a...",
    still... there is so much to say about you, but let's keep it simple
    We loved all you offered us and you had so much more to offer.
    You made a great impression on us, muchas gracias for that. We are glad, you've been first on our list.
    Now let's see what's more to explore in South America.
    Bye tierra de la diversidad... Adios belleza.. Ciao Colombia.
    Y un gran saludo a Ecuador 😊
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  • Day31

    It truly felt like driving to the end of the world.
    After who knows how many hours in a 4x4 jeep and boat, we arrived in Bahia Hondita, a well built hostel.
    On the first day they showed us all the spectacular places (see pics).
    On the second day we just took our 5L water bottle and
    ... started walking, by foot, the 2 of us, alone, under the cloudless sky, by crazy hot sun...
    So yea, we survived a 13km trip trough the desert and YEA, we enjoyed every part of it.Read more

  • Day30

    From Santa Marta, to Riohacha and 2 days later we are here, in Cabo de la Vela.
    Lying at the beach, sleeping in hammocks and wind-surfing on the flat warm water.
    What else could a man wish for? 😉

    The only thing that is annoying are the flies here. Sooo many flies and when we try to eat, they seem to multiply.
    But anyway, it's amazing here.

    And when you are up early (4:30 am) you can see a sky full of stars, even the milky way. Never saw anything like it 😍Read more

  • Day26

    Day 3:
    Wake up at 5:00, again,
    Start walking at 6:30, again,
    Reached the lost city, enjoy the view for some hours, listen to some guides and go back to the next camp.
    Hurry up, cause rain is coming, again.
    Well, at least we already are wet from al the sweat, that's pouring down our faces, armpits and backs. So the rain is more like a shower now 😅
    Right before the camp we had to go through an angry river. Was so deep, could barely keep my head out.

    Day 4:
    Last night we chilled and now again, are on the track @ 6:30.
    Sweatting into our already dirty and smelly clothes. Rivers to cross, slippery stones to overcome, mud and clay hindering us to walk and there is the exhaust. At least we could swim again.
    Finally, we are back. Our group was the best, like a little family. 2 singing french girls, a critical fast walking Danish chica, our spiritual clever translator and of course André & me. We will remember this little family.
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  • Day23

    The adventure begins.
    First obstacle: little river. Already 4 shoes got wet.
    Ines you were unlucky, but damn André, I had high hopes for you!

    Well we made it up and then down again, crossed more obstacles and... We went swimming (for 10min) with a big smile. Cause it was a natural pool.
    OK, the smile was gone after the rain hit us while we got stuck in clay ground. But anyway, dirty as we were, we made it to the first camp.

    Day two:
    Same as day one, but more and bigger obstacles, better and higher landscape views, longer and harder rain⛆.
    Again, the reward was amazing.
    The natural pool in the river had a spot where we could jump into it from 7m hight. ¡Best pool ever!
    After meal we smoked a lucky strike with menthol flavor and watched the lightnings ☇ in the clear sky.
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  • Day22

    Día 1: People have to vote in Colombia, so it's prohibited to sell alcohol today. The city is dead and bored af.

    Día 2: The sun is the hottest here. Walking through the city is sweaty, but still we just prepared the next adventure and later relaxed at the pool with some beer.

    Día 3: The adventure (4 días) to the lost city was a huge success. Even though we are tired, we went to the city (2min walk), ate really good and drank some cocktails while listening to great life performed streetmusic.Read more

  • Day19

    The title says it all.
    After arriving here we just wanted to relax.
    Well, except for our surreal adventure to the laguna encantada.

    Swimming, lying on the beach, getting burned by the sun and having a bike tour... That sums up our time on la isla grande, more or less.

    Oh, btw. We went offline for the time being here.

    Hmm. The island didn't let us get away from here. Suddenly the last day became stormy and no boats were in sight to get us off la isla grande. So we relaxed and did more of our nothing here 😅Read more

  • Day15

    Wir kamen früh auf der Insel Isla Grande an, entspannten und genossen die Sonne. Uns war noch nicht klar, dass uns nach Sonnenuntergang ein Abenteuer erwartete.
    Spät war es nicht, gerade einmal sieben Uhr abends, doch dunkel war es, und zwar sehr.
    Esteban, ein lokaler Guide für alles, nahm uns mit auf eine kleine Reise. Esteban schien sehr vertrauenswürdig, auch wenn wir ihn kein Stück kannten.
    Mit einer Taschenlampe ausgerüstet navigierte er uns zu Fuß durch den Finsterwald. Wir konnten nicht einmal den Boden sehen, geschweige denn uns selbst.
    Nach einer 10 Minütigen Waldwanderung kamen wird dann an einem See an.

    Ein kleines Kanu mit einem Paddel wartete auf uns.
    Esteban wusste scheinbar genau was er tat. Er rudert bis zum Ende des Sees, zwischen einem kleinen unscheinbaren Durchgang hindurch, während ich mit der Taschenlampe so gut es ging den Weg erleuchtete.
    Ineinander verschlungene Baumwurzeln, herabragende Lianen und Äste sowie anderes Gestrüpp ragten in unseren Weg hinein. Glühwürmchen blitzen überall auf und das Wasser das wir durchstreiften fing sanft zu leuchten an. Wir traute unseren Augen nicht. Bildeten wir uns das nur ein? Egal, wir beachteten es vorerst nicht weiter.
    Wir näherten uns der LAGUNA ENCANTADA.

    Der Durchgang hatte uns zu einem anderen See gebracht und dieser wiederum war mit einem ähnlichen Weg verbunden zu dem Meer. Esteban machte uns im zweiten See auf das leuchtende Wasser aufmerksam. Hatten wir es uns doch nicht eingebildet.
    Doch bevor wir die Laguna Encantada erreichen konnten, mussten wir (Esteban) ein ganzes Stück über dem Meer rudern. Immernoch hatten wir nur einen Paddel. Das Meer war unruhig, peitschte uns gelegentlich an, schubste und rüttelte etwas an dem kleinen Kanu. Am Horizont waren dunkle, unheilvolle Wolken, die schon die ganze Nacht aufblitzen und uns hier auf dem offenen Meer ein Lichtspiel boten, das seines Gleichen suchte.

    Schließlich, die Laguna Encantada.
    Der glasklare Sternenhimmel über uns wurde immer noch von den Blitzen der fernen Wolken begleitet. Auf der Wasseroberfläche der Lagune hörten wir das klatschen unzähliger Fliegenfische. Mit der Taschenlampe leuchtete ich kurz einigen von ihnen hinterher. Das staunen ließ uns nicht los. An einer Andockstelle (zwei große Holzfloße am Rande der Lagune) steigen wir vom Boot, zogen das Schnorchel-Equipment über und schnorchelten im pechschwarzen Wasser drauf los.
    Mit jeder unserer Bewegung im Wasser fing das Plankton darin (um uns) an zu leuchten. Man konnte es nur sehen, wenn man sehr nah am Wasser war oder besser noch, mit einer Taucherbrille hinein sah. Gerade dafür hatten wir ja die Ausrüstung. Jede Schwimmbewegung erzeugte eine Flut von grünlich-weiß leuchtenden Partikeln um uns herum. Als würde man durch ein Becken voller Sterne schwimmen, die erst dann leuchteten, wenn sie einen berührten.

    Ein unglaublich surreales Abenteuer.
    Und NEIN, wir haben weder geraucht, noch Pilze genommen.
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  • Day13

    sunny, sunnier, sunniest, Cartagena.
    The sun here is so strong, even Chuck Norris would sweat.... At least one drop 😅

    OK, it's Carnevale and it's crazy. The Colombian are loco about the Carnevale. It's loud, colorful and hothothot. Police everywhere and they even checked us from head to toe, right after an aggressive stranger wanted to sell us stuff.

    Siri set a reminder: don't let me drink too much on a Carnevale 😂😅 and wonder around in dark allays.Read more