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    To blog or not To blog? ?

    October 5, 2016 in India ⋅ 🌫 26 °C

    Never have regrets in life...easy to say, tough to follow. Among a free of them which I have, the one which bothers me the most is, WHY I DIDN'T START TO WRITE OR BLOG EARLIER ???

    I should have started blogging earlier, 13 years earlier to be precise, when I started leading tours in India and all over Asia. Traveled a lot, met so many wonderful and some not so wonderful people, too many memories, good and bad, anyway, better late than never, am sure there is still a lot of travel left in me and I am sure I will be meeting many more new people and creating more memories.

    After looking around for a good travel app to blog, found this, let's hope it works well.
    Has great 👍 reviews.

    Where am I going ? It won't be wrong if I said home. After living, working, studying, opening a shop in China, it feels like home. More about China in detail in a separate post.

    For now, I hope you enjoy this ride with me. Suggestions, Ideas, Tips etc are welcome. Let me know what you like on this blog or what you don't like.

    Keep watching this space. It will be a great ride I promise 😃

    Facebook is blocked in China so I suggest you bookmark this page and check every couple of days because I may not be able to post on Facebook.

    Bye for now !

    Date: 5/October/16

    Location: Inside Jet Airways 9W 76.
    Getting ready to take off.
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