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  • Day1

    Cam on vs Arkoun

    June 30, 2016 in Vietnam

    New country, new language, new food, new faces, but I'm still saying Arkoun instead of Cam on (which means Thank you in Khmer and Vietnamese). It's been 4 days since I crossed Cambodian-Vietnamese border. And first time it was a land crossing for me (pfff, easy - 15min and here you are, in another country with your passport stamped). And nope, you haven't misunderstood, I'm back to Vietnam which I left not so long ago. Just this time it's a different route, different landscape, different weather, different people and, hopefully, different experience to me. Though the same hard beds and banh mi sandwiches which I haven't missed at all :) Time for pho bo and green Saigon beer, please!Read more

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  • Day23

    See you when I see you

    June 21, 2016 in Cambodia

    That feeling when nothing else exist. When you find a magic place to escape the whole world craziness. No TV, no internet, no flush water and the shower from the bucket. Did you know such place actually exist? I didn't know either, but found it. And scary enough I didn't want to come back. Koh ta kiev - that was an answer for me. No broken hearts, just different sunsets. And how was Cambodia in general? I thought it looks a bit like India when landed - the same red grounds and poor people trying to make any business just to survive. I liked Siem reap, counted 11 foreigners and had a best fish amok in Battambang, hated Phnom Penh and got pink hair over there, enjoyed local home stay in Kampong cham, skipped Sihanoukville and watched the movies in Otres beach, got property crazy in Koh rong Samloem, and gone back to remote island Koh ta kiev before my final days in Kampot. Month in Cambodia was quick and very long at the same time. Did I fall in love with a country? No. With some places I stayed - definately yes. Am I planning of coming back? That's the question to answer. (And I think it's yes:)Read more

  • Day7

    Obsessions that we all have

    June 5, 2016 in Cambodia

    I just read about the guy who has an obsession for the doors (http://www.1001-doors.com). And I thought to myself how strange - I have something similar for the narrow corridors / tunnels / windows, especially if there is some light coming in the end of it. What obsession do you possess?..

  • Day6

    This world belongs to kids

    June 4, 2016 in Cambodia

    (And food. And smiles). I just realised that in each country I've been there is something magical about the kids. Their genuine interest in you, their shy approach, quick attachment, naturalness, and pure happiness not hidden under this stupid sell-buy business. They might be poor in India, naughty in Philippines, beautiful in Vietnam, suspicious in Thailand, curious in Cambodia, but they all have something in common - in each country I've been they somehow became an important part of my story. And today I had a chance to be an english Teacher. 7min of excitement, 7min of trying to explain the lesson, 7min of panicking that they don't listen to me, 7min of understanding that I'm talking to myself, 7min of getting the class in order and 3 seconds of shouting for their real teacher to come back. It was a short but interesting day I should say..:)Read more

  • Day1

    There is more than Angkor wat

    May 30, 2016 in Cambodia

    Third day in Cambodia. First impression? 'Khmer national kitchen', 'Khmer dance show'- who the hell are khmers?? I new there is Angkor wat in Siem reap, did they opened a new tourist attraction place called khmers? So for yours and mine information, khmers are predominant ethic group in cambodia, accounting for approximately 90% of 15.2 million people of the country. And yes, to confirm the fact - I visited Angkor wat. Secondly - I'm very pessimistic about touristic places but this huge area where Angkor is with all surrounding temples is just beautiful. Also went to khmer dinner show - wanted to touch the base of their national dishes and dances. It was actually basic buffet, nothing special, and the dances didn't impress a lot - repetitiveness in music and some mystical explanation hidden under each dance. In general I feel like a food in Cambodia is a mix between vietnamese, Chinese and local cuisine (actually they mostly add local spices to foreign dishes and call them 'cambodian'). The only truly different dishes I had was lok lak and amok. Both were ok but nothing magical. Siem reap as a town didn't leave the big impression - it's just ok. Still lots of tourists (and it's not the high season!), children begging for money, Pub street for tourists and local girls saying they are not interested in Cambodian boys. What surprised me the most? It seems that there exists just three price groups - 1 dollar (for tuk tuk, basic food and drinks), 3 dollar (bigger main meal) and 15-20 dollar for tourist attractions. And dual money system - dollars go along with Cambodian riel which makes it a bit difficult to understand. Also they all speak amazingly good English. Time to leave Siem reap and start my journey around Cambodia. Yay!

    P.s. I take my word back of saying 'nothing magical' in Cambodian dishes - I had the most amazing fish amok tonight in Battambang, Nary kitchen! Total orgasm.
    Read more

  • Day2

    Sabai jai

    May 26, 2016 in Thailand

    I don't know which day of the week is it. Sometimes I'm getting confused about the month too. My count has changed to knowing how many days left until my visa will expire. Did I miss anything from what I left behind? I definately did. Stability of knowing I will get into my comfy bed again late at night, lazy Saturdays with movie, Sunday brunches with friends, and, obviously, my family. But strangely I didn't miss the things I thought I will. I didn't realise we need so little before. Some of the days I feel I'm giving up on my usual life. Sometimes I feel that I finally live. It's 6am in the morning and I'm heading back to Bangkok with an overnight train from Chiang mai. Thailand is waking up.. Khaosan road will be crowded with tourists, smiley woman will get my favourite mangosteens and passion fruit juice ready, temples will start showing off in the sun with all their beauty. Busy and beautiful Chiang mai, motion sickness tablets fighting 792 turns on the way to Pai, cozy beloved Pai, wish to find myself in meditation at forest monastery (and run away plan on the second day), new amazing people I met (thank you for saving mermaid's life with those disgusting cookies:), thousand and one mosquito bite and this warm rain in northern Thailand - I had it all. I'm still the same mess which I was before leaving. I still don't appreciate the fact I'm living my dream. I'm falling in love with my eyes closed and heart fully opened. But whatever happens on the way I still believe it's the best decision and present I could give to myself. 'Sabai jai' as they say in thai - 'all good in the heart'. The magic of keeping that feeling..Read more

  • Day1

    The month of You

    May 11, 2016 in Vietnam

    With all your fears and imperfections. With all these right and wrong things you've done. With your commitments and believe that she will save you. I still accept the way you are. Funny to say, but you are the only true thing I had in my life. Unexpected, pure, deep, strange, amazing, passionate, natural - all it became so real to me. Forgetting my uber hipsterism and stupid independency. The feeling when you just afraid that someone might be hurt more than you. When you honestly can't find the words to express what's going on. And how to prove that this could be the best thing you could choose. When you are ready to learn someone's crazy language and move to the furthest place of the planet just to stay together. And have a party to all the friends. And get this airbnb. When all time goes to counting the days until you leave and asking for another morning waking up to see those eyes. The funny way you move your nose when you're dreaming. The silhouette of your back. The way you look. The way you walk. The tone of your voice. The little bones on the top of your shoulders. 27 little brown spots on your back. The same sound you make when you yawn and orgasm. Uncomfortable silent minutes when my imagination messing up saying it's just the time which will pass and it all will be different. As silly as it may sound but I really wanted to show you who I am. And I still couldn't be myself as I knew the things which happened did hurt you. You said I'm crazy. But Ive never been like this before - I was just crazy for you. You inspired me to dream about sleeping on rooftops and finally learning geography. For the first time I felt I met someone so similar to me. I wanted to tell you all my secrets but you became one of my biggest secrets instead. It was a month of YOU. Goodnight, my stupid little vanha pieru.Read more

  • Day13

    Apple beer taste different in Coron

    April 14, 2016 on the Philippines

    So after 6 days and 5 nights the time has come to say goodbye to Coron. I'd choose El nido over Coron I guess just because El nido has easily accessible beach and Coron doesn't, but in general it was a nice stay in both. Similar concept of town - one main street, dividing into lots of smaller streets to each side. The biggest difference would probably be a port - way bigger in Coron compared to El nido. Island hopping, snorkelling - all available for you. Similar prices as well (maybe even a bit cheaper). But for me the most important thing when coming to each new place is to find this little cozy restaurant where we'll have our breakfast. Brewed coffee might be a big problem in SE Asia, so any place which has a coffee plus eggs, fried rice, maybe even Hungarian sausage or different type of omelettes - I'll take it! This time it was Levine's - lovely quiet restaurant 5min away from home. So last breakfast in Coron consumed ages ago, time to wave the hand and head to Manila. 7 hour boat ride from El nido to Coron wasn't bad at all, let's see how overnight ferry will surprise us. Our journey already didn't start on a happy note - ferry delayed by 5 hours.. So instead of leaving at 4.30pm we are still not moving (and it's 10pm now). On the other hand - we will have less time in Manila which is good as we will be sweaty, grumpy and slow with our backpacks clearly not making the day easier. But no complains yet - lets see how it goes! Either way full heart of excitement as I'll be in the new country soon.. :)Read more

  • Day6

    No licence - no practise - no problems!

    April 7, 2016 on the Philippines

    Life wouldn't be so interesting without setting some challenges yourself. And the one for the last few days was to get a bike and drive (which I clearly have no knowledge in). Monika&Mantas ahead, me with my scooter Magdute (don't blame me for a name) slowly making some noise on the back. And we made it! Found a quiet cool place for a night in Sibaltan beach (you know that kind of place you get in and you don't want to leave after?). Just a kids playing on the shore, locals catching a fish early in the morning, and some tourists enjoying the beer at Ursula beach club. The best sleep I had in Philippines so far. Two days, one night, three accidents and I'm still alive! Another lazy day in El nido today and then Coron - here we come!Read more

  • Day4

    Please keep me in the water!

    April 5, 2016 on the Philippines

    It's been... (number of the days as I can't remember) since we came to El nido. This town got me like a spider into his net - amazingly beautiful sea, lots of islands around, friendly people, ok accommodation to choose from - I'm loving it (even if it's not McDonalds). Gone for kayaking few days ago - M&M on one kayak, another single one for me, and guess what? Crazily enough we went so far away that it was physically difficult to come back home, especially with the wind blowing straight into your face, soooo I was towed back to the shore by the lovely fishermen ('water taxi' as we laught after). Lesson for the future - kids, always count your energy before fighting the sea.:) And a boat hired for today - island hoping, snorkeling, swimming, and the first bite of jelly fish (somehow thought its way, way more paintful - it's not). What's for tomorrow?.. We will see :)Read more

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