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    home sweet home

    January 27, 2017 in Switzerland

    So und jez simmer nach 7 Mönet wider zrugg i oisere schööne, chalte Schwiiz 💚 mir hend froid gha wie chliini chinde am i di -7 Grad chalti Luft huuche und Wülchli mache!
    Wenig spöter simmer vo oisne liebe Familie und Fründe, wo alli extra gaanz früe uufgstande sind für ois, empfange worde 😍 s isch dihei ebe scho au schön!
    So, jez isch s erst mal sit 29 Wuche wo de Jan und ich trännti Wäg gönd... So komisch... 😅

    Am Mentig gahts wider los mit schaffe und Geld verdiene - für e hoffentlich baldigi wiiteri Reis... ☀ (mir sind schowider am Plän schmiede 😉)

    Mir sind würklich unglaublich Dankbar das mer sones unglaublichs Glück hend zum so öppis wunderbars chönne z mache und erläbe!
    Wie min Papi amig gseit het: weisch, mir hend eigentli de 6er im Lotto scho gunne, wommer da gebore sind :) ❤

    (Trauffer - Heiterefahne 😉)


    And now we're back, after 7 wonderful months. Our friends and families got up very early to welcome us back home. And Switzerland welcomed us with its typical cold winter weather - where you can blow air in the air and get a little, white cloud... - And that's what we've done as soon as we got off the plane 😅 like little children yejii!!

    And now, after our families welcomed us, Jan and I finally had to go different ways... After 29 Weeks spending every single day together... What a strange feeling!!

    And so we have to start work on monday again - to get some money for our next travels! We can't wait to go again!!

    We're so thankful for everything! How lucky are we to travel so far, meet soo gorgeous, awesome, and crazy people and never had a serious accident or problem!
    But the best thing in all our luck is that we still love each other - just as we are! (jep Jan even survived the few "grumpy Sandra days" 😀)

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  • Day83

    Emerald hill road Airbnb 19-24.1.

    January 19, 2017 in Singapore

    Am Morge hemmer vom Pod Hostel zu oisem Airbnb züglet. Es isch amene herzige Näbetsträssli vo de Orchard road! Mir sind also sehr Zentral gsii und sind fliissig go shoppä, stadt erkunde usw. :)

    Am 20. Isch de Nguyen, am Jan sin Papi, ois cho bsueche! Mir hend zwei wunderbari Täg mit ihm verbracht, sind na go Familiebsüech mache, fein ässe, ines Museum usw. Danke viel mal liebe Nguyen/ Papi!

    Am 24. Isches so wiit gsi... Mir hend s letst mal oisi Rukseck gstopft und uf de Rugge gschnallt. Sind mit de Metro an Flughafe (widermal e chli knapp drah gsii... Oisi schwiizer Pünktlicgkeit isch irgendwo underwegs verloore gange 🤔)

    Nach churzem Warte hemmer scho chenne Boarde - und s Flugi isch halb läär gsii! Mir hend also herrlich bequem chönne schlaafe (bzw. De jan het eh di ganz ziit Film glueget 😅)


    In the morning, we moved from the pod to our airbnb, which is on a side street to orchard road. There are georgeous old little houses!
    On the 20th, Nguyen came to visit us for two days - we had a wonderful time and visited the rest of the family in Singapore. As well we went to delicious restaurants, to a museum and shopping :) thank you Nguyen!

    And then the day came... 24th of january... We finally had to pack our stuff for the last time and go to the airport in the evening. We must have lost our swiss punctuality somewhere during our trip... So we once again came a little bit late to the airport. - We didn't have to wait too long before we could board the plane. It was half empty which was wonderful for us to sleep, on almost a bed! 😀
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