February - October 2016
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  • Day262

    Melbourne 24.-29.10.16

    October 28, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

    Bevor d Natalie und de Thanh cho sind hemmer na viel z organisiere gha. Wo si denn da gsii sind hemmer defür d Ziit mit ihne chönne gnüsse 😊
    Es isch eifach wunderbar so wunderbari Mensche z känne! Und was si alles für ois gmacht hend isch unglaublich... Danke soo viel mal ihr zwei liebe!! 😘😊💚

    Die letsti Nacht verbringemer im Air BnB vom Adam und de Beryl - im 41. Stock vomene Hochhuus gad bi de Queen Victoria Markets.

    Morn gahts ab nach Neukaledonie, Noumea! Juhuuu!!!


    Befor Nathalie and Thanh arrived we had alot to do. But that ment that we could enjoy the time with them even more.😆 Its jut great to know the two! They are just amazing! Thanks soo much for all you've done for us!😘

    The last night in Melbourne we spent in a room on the 41st Floor, in the apartment of Bery & Adam. We found them on Air BnB.

    Tomorrow we'll leave for New Caledonia.🇫🇷
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  • Day260

    Goodbye Bruce after 17'415.5 km<3

    October 26, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Phuh... Mir hend schomal alles Campingzüg verchauft, s ganz Auto umbiege und sitzed grad bi ARB wo d Bullbar no chli repariert.
    Morn gaht de Bruce in Service und hoffentli chönds s Airbag-zeiche wo sit Darwin lüchtet zum ablösche bringe 😉

    Nach 4 Mönet in Australie umenandkurve (17'415.5km!!) müemer oise troii Begleiter und oises Dihei scho bald verabschiede... Buääh... Isch scho chli en truurige Moment, mir hend mit ihm soo viel Höchs und es tüüfs Loch erläbt 😅 😉

    Aber mir hend ja no vill vor ois und müend nani grad zrugg id Schwiiz 😊


    We sold almost all our campgear and now we're at ARB getting the Bullbar fixed. Tomorrow Bruce will get a major service and hopefully they can turn off the Airbag-sign which is on since Darwin 😅

    After 4 months cruising around Australia (17'415.5km!!!) we finally have to say goodbye to our beloved home and car... 😥 😜
    luckily we don't have to go home yet!
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  • Day256

    Penguins on Phillip Island

    October 22, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

    Mir sind uf Phillip Island gfahre zum d Pinguin Parade luege.
    Zum glück hemmer na gnueg früe usegfunde, das me die Zwergpinguine nur zabig chan gseh!
    Mir sind bi Sunneuntergang tapfer dusse im biiswind ghöcklet und hend gwartet bis d Pingus zrugg a land chömed.
    Tatsächlich - ca. !!3'000!! Zwergpinguine sind i Grüppli usem Meer cho und hend de gfährlichi und steinigi Wäg zu ihrere chline Familie gmeisteret. Es isch herrlich gsii zum zueluege wie die zrugg gwatschlet, ghüpft und gstürchlet sind 😅 wie härzig!!😍😍

    D Föteli hemmer vom Internet gstibitzt wil mer keini selber hend derfe mache 😉


    After arriving on Phillip Island we realised that on this ecxact weekend the Moto GP took place🙈.
    ... what a good time to come for seeing the Little Penguins ^^

    However... after parking on our site we realised that the "Penguin Parade" was about to start.
    So we drove back straight away to see them.
    Every day at sunset thousands of Little Penguins come ashore in big groups and waddle back to their burrows. Its probably the cutest thing ever!!😍😍

    This spectacle can be seen all year round and is definitly a must if your in the area!

    Click on this link and watch it yourself😉

    (we've stolen the pictures from the internet to show you the adorable cuteness ;) )
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  • Day255

    Foster camping

    October 21, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Hüt hemmer churz zmörgelet (siehe Foto), sind is Orca Museum und denn losgfahre. Öppe 5 stund lang simmer dur de rege gfahre und hend nur mal churz aghalte womer es Echidna gseh hend😁.

    Nach dere lange fahrt hemmer eus am abig mit improvisierte bettfläsche bewaffnet i euses Zelt zrugzoge und bis zur Nasespitze iipackt... 😊


    After a long drive and a rainy, cold day we are finally in our cozy tent 😊
    Well wrapped in our sleeping bags and blankets. Armed with hotwater-plasticbottles, tea, beanies and scarfs 💪

    Highlight of the day: we finally saw an echidna!!! 😍😀 - and had a delicious breakfast 😉
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  • Day253

    camping Kioloa

    October 19, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    En wunderbare Camping mit duzende Kängurus 😊
    Und mir sind vomene pärli Australier as Füür iiglade worde. Perfekt zum ois ufwerme nach demm chalte Tag 😉

    A nice camping with lots of kangaroos!
    And we got invited to the chimny/balcony from a lovely australian couple! Perfect to warm up after our chilly day 😉
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  • Day253

    Ab zu de Seehünd :)

    October 19, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Mir sind früe am Morge uuf und ab is Tauchcenter... Det hemmer alles parat gmacht und denn ghofft, das d Bedinigige dusse ufem Meer gnueg guet sind zum zu de Seehünd gah...

    Und tatsächlich hets klappet - nach ca 45minute Bootsfahrt simmer binnere Kolonie vo Australian Fur Seals aacho!! Wuehee 😀

    Voller froid simmer i oisne dicke Neoprenazüg is Wasser ghüpft... Und hend s erst mal gmerkt wie chüel s Wasser isch... 14Grad... Herrlich 😅

    Wo ois di erste Seehünd bsuecht hend isch d chelti aber wider vergesse gsii 🐙 eifach wunderbar!!
    Ps: Si hend zimmlich übel nah Fish gschmöckt... Aber under Wasser schmöckt me zum glück nüt 😜

    Nah 45minute hemmer ois als zitterndi Iischlötzli wider a bord gschleppt und so guet wie mögli ufgwermt für de zweiti Tauchgang amene andere Ort. Det hemmer denn under Anderem na Wobbegong Haifischli und "widermal" en Grey Nurse Shark (Wo leider en Angelhaage mit abgrissener Schnur a sich gha het..
    Uund das lüchtige Seeschnäggli ufem Bild isch es Nudibranch 😉

    Was für en geniale Geburtstag!!!😁😁🎉

    Early in the morning we went to the divecenter, prepared our gear and hoped that the ocean is calm enough to go to the seals...

    Luckily, the ocean was with us and after a 45min boat ride we came to a colony of australian fur seals!

    Full of anticipation we jumped in the water... And realized that it wasn't as warm as we expected... 14degrees... ⛄ wonderful 😅

    After we went down and got visited by the first seal, the cold was forgotten and we swam around with these curious, funny animals!!

    After 45min under water we dragged ourselves as shaking icecubes back on board 😅
    - and tried to warm ourselves up again for our next dive on another divespot. There we saw a few wobbegongs (the flat brown shark on the Picture), a grey nurse shark and some other stuff 😉
    That shiny blue snail on the picture is a nudibranch ;)

    What an awesome birthday!!!🎉😁😁
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