• Day66

    last days with the family's

    November 21, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Thursday was a pretty relaxed day. I did some small stuff and learned a bit for my a license exam. And in the evening We watched Jason Bourne, at least until everyone fell asleep. Haha.

    Friday I did some small stuff on the day and in the afternoon I went with mohamad to his place. In his shed we placed some shelving for car parts.

    Saturday we cleaned the shed and sorted all kinds of car parts and other stuff on the shelves.

    Sunday I helped camal. He is the neighbor of mohamad and his partner in the mechanic shop. Camal also needed to clean his shed. So thats what I did. Afterwards I had a barbie @ his place and met his kids. They were 12 till 24 years. All the kids couldn't believe the first time that I was a backpacker and lived in my car. Pretty cool reactions. One of them had brought a quad the other day and they where driving in the front yard. He asked if I wanna drive. So you know me. I said, I wanna try l. And he asked if I know how to drive. And I said a bit shy yeah I think so. I jumped on the bike and made 2 rounds and they were looking surprised at me. They didn't expect that I would drive better than them. Haha. So funny! And everyone I told about skydiving, they thought I did only one tandem. And I always have to say afterwards that I did a couple of jumps. Currently 16, and everyone is then looking with big eyes like wtf 16!? Haha. I had a good time there. They tried to convince me to stay longer there, or even live there.

    Monday I went to the shop and cleaned my car. Afterwards I went to the dropzone and did my @ exam. It's pretty easy to pass so. Pretty easy peasy.
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