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  • Day20

    London to Oxford

    September 11, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Well today went by in another blur of travel. It never seems to take a short amount of time to get anywhere.. always a decent day full of main and sorting things out.
    Anyway.. we caught to train early to Paddington station where we had a quick sandwich and a coffee before boarding our train up to Oxford. The train journey wwpas less than an hour of taking in the stunning Neglish countryside., what a beautiful place it is.

    Getting our hire car and getting to our apartment was.. diabolical.. 4 hours to get about 2 kilometres from the train station, a huge detour through the city and around a ring road before coming back into the city, dropping our bags and slightly injured-foot Joy off near our apartment, proceeding to find a car park in the almost entirely padestrianised Oxford city was a mission in itself, then walking back to the flat through an unknown town. What should've taken us a small part of a day had us at 6pm scratching our heads about what we were doing here.. but a quick walk down the road to the oldest pub in England for dinner was reason enough. Oxford is completely beautiful. Looming towers, Castle spires, libraries and university buildings dotting every street corner, bookshops, gardens, beautiful houses, cobblestoned streets, pubs, cafes, the river and every manner of student, businessman, teacher and sophisticate walking past makes for a truly perfect little village. Pretentious? Yes. But when you live or study in a town like this it's okay to be a bit retentious because that's what it's all about, and noone should try and stop it.

    A wander through the streets was highlighted by finding an original Dali print, hand signed off course, for only £5,500. Bargain.

    Also, our apartment is pretty cool too. It's a creaky old renovated little flat upstairs in the old Oxford town hall, next to the museum of modern art in the main street. It involves going through 4 locked doors, through some of the meseum, up two spiral stair cases and down some very dark corridors. The flat itself is lovely, everything decorated to the Oxford period style and the floorboard and beds creaking in a somewhat ominous am menacing way. But it's home and it's pretty great.
    Sleep now as a big couple of days ahead.
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