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  • Day21

    Oxford Day 1

    September 12, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Late writing this one up again, apologies!
    Today we went for a walk around Oxford in the morning, including going through a great underground market for a very average coffee and full English breakfast. We then walked around the various libraries and museums, the highlight of which was a library exhibition featuring original Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Magna Carta, Dante Aligherie, Cppernicus and many more. It was incredible to see such ancient pieces of famous literature as they would've come off the press - speaking of which there was an original Gutenberg Bible also!!

    From the museum we jumped in our hire car and drove off into the countryside, visiting various little towns and villages which were always mentioned by my grandparents when I was growing up. They were all tiny, cute and beautiful with quaint English architecture, duck ponds, rolling green hills and great little pubs. We visited my distant family, again which I have heard much about throughout my childhood, in the small village of Princes Risborough. We had tea in their great little backyard and chatted and chatted all afternoon, eventually settling on Chinese takeaways which were. . Or course very average from a cheap little village takeaway place down the road.

    Our drive back through to Oxford was lovely again and we returned with hot chocolates in hand to settle down for the night. All in all not a terrible day, but with the standard frustrations that seem to be a regular occurrence.
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