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  • Day2

    Saphir Resort & Spa

    July 4, 2018 in Turkey

    The temperature was quite cruel to us and it was almost impossible to go anywhere for a trip because of the hot weather (45°C) but it was even so amazing to stay just in the hotel area. Sometimes I felt like a pricess haha. You know... You don't have to do anything, they bring you anything you want to and you can just lay by the swimming pool and work on getting fat. Let's be honest... All inclusive is the best way how to come back home with some kilos more.
    This hotel was seriously the biggest I've ever stayed at (it was actually pretty easy to get lost there...).
    Everything there was perfect... Food was delicious, rooms were nice, they had their own beach there, some swimming pools aaaand the pubs were opened all the time so all good!
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