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  • Day47

    France, Chateau Maintenon

    July 24, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Our 2nd last day in Paris, in fact, our second last day of holidays. I feel as though it's time to start heading home. Some time ago I had been searching the 'net for lesser known and visited places around Paris. Fortunately I came across the Chateau Maintenon. It's located out of Paris so we caught a regional train to travel the hour it took us to get there. We're not early starters, so headed off about 10.30 as we had to get 2 different trains to get to Montparnasse station. The Chateau is easily walkable from the station and is located in the little village that goes by the same name.The Chateau's first structures were built in the 13th century and added in successive centuries, but it is particularly known for two things: it was the home of Louis XIV's governess of his illegitimate children, then she became his mistress and then his wife in a secret marriage. The second thing it is known for is the amazing aqueducts that were intended to bring water to the Palace of Versailles some 80k's away. The aqueducts look spectacular and construction started in 1685. However they were never completed as money began to dry up (did you see what I did there?). The Chateau commands an imposing view regardless from which ever direction you look - it still has a functioning moat and canals and the most amazing partere garden first designed in 1676 by the famous French landscape gardener Andre Le Notre (who also designed Versailles gardens). The inside is typical Chateau, incredibly interesting particularly some very old fabric painted wall papers that have been retained and restored. It has none of the over the top glitz of Versailles, which makes it more like a liveable home.we had lunch at a local cafe in the village, and got the train back. This is definitely one of the best Chateaux we have visited, absolutely loved it and the fact that there were only 6 other people there confirms my view that it's worth looking for the not so touristy attractions. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.Read more

    Glenda Williamson


    Julie Konings

    Hard to believe it's almost over...going to miss my daily read. Know you can't remember who's who, but Diana beat Ben to win MKR last night.

    Lynne King

    Wow. They were amazing builders

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