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  • Day108

    Our 1st Anniversary!

    January 11 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Auryn and I decide to gift ourselves warmth by booking a couple of nights at a beautiful hotel that has a fireplace AND large jacuzzi tub! 😍

    We stayed in two different rooms (the second one was supposed to be nicer, but was booked for our first night). We both LOVED the first room because it literally had the most comfortable bed we had ever slept on. Not even exaggerating.

    Our breakfast was delicious and consisted of refried beans, fried plantains, eggs, toast and jam, and for lunch we had falafel burgers!

    Auryn surprised me with some local chocolates and flavoured pox (posh), a traditional liquor to Chiapas! ❤️

    The fireplaces were beautiful! It was so nice to have heat in our bedroom. 😂 Instead of purchasing the expensive hotel firewood bundles we decided to try and buy more firewood (leña) at the local market. We didn’t find any, but I always enjoy a walk though the market anyways.

    Overall, our couple of luxurious days were a great relief to the many nights sleeping in the dormitories and wonderful way to celebrate our first anniversary. 😊
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