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  • Day53

    Lac de Montriond

    August 7, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Today we went to lake Montriond. We decided to go Kayaking, so we went Kayaking. It was a 2 seater Kayak,so I went with Daddy, Conor went with Mammy, and Nanny went with Grandad. All of our Kayaks were green and white. Branches, Weed and leaves were floating in the lake. Daddy booked a 1 hour course, but Daddy said we can finish whenever we wanted to. Conor suddenly said he wanted to swim in the lake, but then relied the lake was -500c! (just kidding!) But it was really cold! Conor then started complaining that it was really cold, so we paddled back to shore. Then, we went shopping for food and Nanny got herself a pair of NEW running shoes! They are pink and ‘Lovely’.
    We went to see the swimming pool and we said we would swim. So, we all got changed, but they had this rule that you're not allowed to wear board shorts, so Daddy and Grandad couldn’t swim. The water was cold in the pool, but then we got used to it. But there were a lot of children there and they were splashing and someone’s ball bounced on Nannys head! I don’t think Nanny liked it. Next time I hope everyone can swim together.
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