• Day56


    August 10, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Today we went to Gold Mine Lake. It was not far away, 10 minutes from the house. We were going there because yesterday, Grandad couldn't catch any fish. Outside was really cold. I was wearing a Tshirt, a fleece, a jacket and a wind breaker jacket, and my fingers were numb. But to add on to that, it was raining as well, so that probably made it colder. While Grandad was fishing 🎣, we went for a walk. The hill was steep and at the top there were cows. The cows bells 🔔 sounded really beautiful and Nanny loved the sound of it. On the way down the hill, me and Conor scared Nanny with bear noises and the bear (Conor) jumped on Nanny, and it was funny 😂 because Nanny fell for it! Unfortunately, Grandad couldn't catch any fish 🐟 even though he tried a lot of times and someone else (opposite of Grandad) caught 2 descent size fish. I had miso-soup with clams, 1/3 of a ham sandwich, rice 🍚 with seaweed, and egg. 🍳
    Suddenly, when we were all chillin' 😎 Daddy got a call saying that tomorrow's going to rain as well, so they asked if we can do it now. Daddy said ok, we will be there in 15 minutes and we all got changed as fast as we could change, and we were in the car! First it was boys vs. girls and boys won 2 times. Then we switched I went in the boys team (boys girl team) and Conor went in the girls team. (Girls boy team) We won 2times, and Conor's team won 3times. It was fun and next time I hope 🤞 we can do it again.
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