• Day280


    January 8, 2018 in Austria ⋅ 🌫 5 °C

    Slept crap.
    Idiot next to us decided to wake up and read at 4am and his bed light was directly in my eyes.

    Anywaysss we got on the move. We had subway for breakfast.

    We then decided we would check out the parliament and town hall buildings we saw from a distance yesterday.

    I now see why they were skipped. Parliament is badass but is under renovations so they are currently sitting somewhere else but it's like a big column Greek Roman looking thing.
    Town hall we couldn't even get close to - out the front was all a construction zone. It also looked less fancy up close.
    There was the coolest ice rink though! It was like a race track circuit that you had to follow around trees and stuff.
    if I wasn't freezing and was wearing water resistant pants I would have signed up lol but one false move and my legs would be icicles all day haha

    We then headed towards the imperial crypt but on the way walked past the imperial horse stables which I really loved cause you could see the horseys in there little huts with coats on 🤗🙃
    It was also In the middle of the street so that was random/unexpected and therefore a highlight.
    Animal involvement always gets bonus points haha

    Walk walk walk.

    All the buildings are white or cream. Boring.
    They have cool traffic lights though.. some are men, some are women, some couples - have seen a straight couple and lesbo ones. No men ones yet.
    I know there are couples cause they hold hands and have a love heart. Lol
    Still it's nice and a very not confronting display.

    Found the crypt (it's the cappuccino building)
    We paid 7€ each to go in.
    I lovedddd it.

    It's where all the members of the hapburg** family are buried.
    Stupid entry price but monarchies really interest me sooo down we went.

    There were first little boxes that were for come children. Apparently 25% of the remains here are under the age of 5 which is just so so sad.
    These boxes were for the under 1's though.

    The coffins or what ever you want to call them were all really intricate but boring. All the same color metal.

    There was a school group who were in the way so we quickly overtook.

    So many!!

    We found Francis Joseph - royalists still leave flowers at his grave.
    Franz Ferdinand's dad was also somewhere in the crypt too.
    Lots of emperors. It was such a big empire so I love it :)
    Good choice us.

    We left and then went back to St. Stevens cathedral and went inside.
    A beautiful church. Even Will made comment.
    It has catacombs that you can go see but the. Exit tour was 2 hours away so we gave that a miss.
    Got my Austrian magnet.

    Went home.
    We napped before going out for dinner.
    Cheap eats McDonalds for the win 🤙🏽 lol

    Back home and I think I'm gonna read.

    Helen also got Harvey - I added it to 2 days back. 👍🏼
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