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  • Day305


    February 2, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Got up at 10 to speak to mum and dad. So tired lol
    Loved having the little heater on my feet though. Pleased the computer worked perfectly- it was being a bum in Ljubljana.
    Didn't talk long. Too sleepy haha

    Got up at 1.

    We popped down to the shops to buy more eggs for more eggs in baskets 🤗
    Smashed it. I'm obviously a natural cook.


    I had an hour long shower. Got a complimentary shower cap so that is the best.
    New favorite thing - I'll need to buy a rainbow one when home.

    We did nothing.

    Made dinner - tortilla wraps.
    Had to unfreeze the avocado and sour cream in front of the heater lol.

    Avo was goooood.

    Currently talking to Laura - she is gonna be a real champ and book us bus tickets to her house when she gets off work.
    Well not her house at all - the closest bus is in Derry Londonderry which is in Northern Ireland. I have checked with her they don't check passports because it's still Ireland so our U.K. ban will not give us any issues lol
    She lives a whopping 67km away from Derry and will come pick us up.
    Bless her socks
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