• Day16


    September 19 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Last day - so over it. Hahaha. So happy by the end of today we will be done.
    When we came up to breakfast Lucy had already gone to get her helicopter.
    We both signed George’s shirt which is having fraud and put up in his office.

    It’s much busier now. Lukla has been closed for days so it’s still only barely scratching the surface on how busy it does get.

    I will miss seeing random animals. Especially the cows.

    And off we went. 27km to do today.
    My knee was ok at the start but I’d say about 10km in my left knee was dying, I couldn’t really bend it.
    Getting down from Namche was much better than going up lol.
    It was really muddy and Pasang fell on his ass lol. He had to walk with shit on him all day.

    We went over lots of bridges today only they weren’t as fun because they hurt my knee this time when you had to really grip to stay grounded - especially the time the yaks were on at the same time making it bounce around everywhere!!

    I was really struggling so Pasang sprayed some shot on my knee - no idea what it was for.
    Will wanted to carry my bag for me but I refused. I want to finish this.

    We stopped in at Monjo or tea and eventually stopped somewhere for lunch which took ages to go our food (loved the extended break haha)

    Wills memory of the trail is very impressive. He knows all the ups and downs about to come after walking it once over a week ago.

    Constant problem of too hot then too cold.
    1 year later arrived to Lukla. Never been so pleased lol. It really is a cute town.

    Everyone got a lot of shit off their chest today re Lucy. We all bonded quite nicely because we were all able to be ourselves today.

    When we got to lukla we stayed at the place next to the airport. - Happy with the room though the lighting is non existent.

    For dinner I ate some salad, felt sick and left to go back to the room.
    Will got me a towel Incase of gastro attack.
    I ended up being fine. Crashed out hard!
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