• Day15


    September 18 in Nepal ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    We slept good but Will woke up stiff and sore cause of the bed.
    It was raining today so we put on our rain gear before we even left - the sherpas are just excellent at all life skills and fixed Wills pants - thankfully or he would have gotten very wet.

    It’s a very miserable cold day.

    Lots of cunt hills today. I just can’t breath 😂
    Today was my hardest day mentally. It had a lot of flats, a massive down I honestly don’t know how I previously climbed but also a lot of upset
    I was wet, cold but also too hot, my legs were aching and we had hours to go.
    I had to jaw wobble moments today. Not proper cries (not sure if I actually dispelled tears or if rain lol)

    Today we saw some musk deer so they was pretty cool - they are endangered :(

    We walked back through were we saw the monks chanting - they were all out in about in color coordinates gum boots hahaha

    Having the same constant problem of don’t need to poo of toilet is available. Need to poo immediately after we have left.
    So over being constipated. Little wombat poos all the time.

    We saw 2 dog fights today. I instinctively screamed at the start of both attacks. No one else did 😅
    Both dogs pulled up ok I think. At least their faces were still attached.

    We had a dog follow us for so long we named her clementine.

    Views are so disappointing.

    We finally arrived and it was a great feeling. We met Ian Taylor whose group arrived in Namche today. He seems lovely, we are happy to support his company.

    We had a hot shower. It was beyond magical. We both haven’t showered in in over 8 days.
    We smell.
    We were cold.
    So happpppy.
    We also got our in the newer section of the teahouse this time - much nicer.

    My legs were so sore. My calf and knee was GONE.
    I could barely walk, I put on like half a jar of tiger balm.

    My phone had been pretty much dead since base camp but as we were no longer in ridiculous temperature it decided to stop freaking out and work again

    All my clothes are wet and smell but at least we came off better than Tom and Lucy whose entire duffel bags got wet inside from the rain.

    Ok so the big story of the day is the shit Lucy is trying to pull.
    So as previously mentioned she can’t walk down a hill and needs to hold a guides hand.
    Today we were going down big hill and she was being assisted and Gilbo had her hand and helped her across a rock she was having trouble with.
    She freaked out, slapped his hand away and told him to leave.
    5 more hours she walked without issue.

    Once we arrive in Namche she comes out with the story that Gilbo pulled her so hard that she has torn a knee tendon. (<— have only just learnt that that word does not end in a T 🤯🤯)
    And she can’t walk, it’s ruined her trip and she is gonna have to get a helicopter to Lukla tomorrow.
    So essentially what she has done is thrown a mans livelihood into jeopardy, potentially damaging a company image and lied about what happened (George, Will and I all saw the “incident”)
    Do not throw people under the bus because of your own incompetence.
    Ian was really worried because of her past record (lost a sexual assault court case for lying/concealing info under oath. I.e she makes things up)
    She is using his insurance not hers to get the helicopter for unknown reasons.
    If she sues or makes something out of this all 6 of us will defend Gilbo.
    Why can’t you just say you hurt your knee?
    Why undermine someone who has tried to help you daily for 2 weeks?
    Everyone is furious.
    George and Helen spoke privately with Ian to discuss her behavior the whole trip.
    Ian basically said he doesn’t know why Pasang didn’t turn her around on day one if she couldn’t walk downhill.
    I just don’t want anyone to get into trouble. They are all so wonderful.

    In Namche after dinner we were told to all wait.
    They brought out a cake and Pasang sang us a song on a traditional instrument. Loved it!
    All the sherpas in the teahouse began to dance.

    I have been thinking long and hard and I think I’m onto why I’m not as impressed as expected about the mountains.
    I think it’s because in my mind they were going to be bigger.
    Everest is 8km high or whatever but really it’s only 3 from the ground. It’s the sea level position that adds its height rather than a singular ridiculously big mountain standing alone.
    I bet that will make no sense when I one day ready it back.
    Basically they weren’t as big and intimidating as expected.
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