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  • Day12

    Secrets of our island.

    August 17, 2019 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Woke up early with Betsy for walk along beach before others woke up. Low tide, so lots of shells, crabs and bugs making patterns in sand.

    Once we had all had breakfast, boys and I did paddle board tour with Henrique. We all stood up, saw pelicans flying close by and Dylan's saw a ray. Took Dylan and Betsy put on a board together at the end.

    We all walked to the northern beach, accessible due to low tide. Lots more birds along the way, eating the various delicacies in the sand.

    The afternoon started with a secrets of the jungle tour. Learnt loads!

    Saw Howler monkeys, Big bellied tree, Panamanian tree, and Panamanian Cedar tree.

    Trees only have rings to show age when they are from location with 4 seasons. In rainforests, just a heart and an outer ring.

    We tated termites from the side of the tree.

    Two types of forests - #type 1 = oldest with high canopy trees lots of density. Type #2 trees more recent (ie 500 years or so) more low levels density

    Monkey ladder vines - indication of health of forest, and good for monkeys to climb.

    Saw a Mangrove hawk that eats crabs

    Banana tree - only fruits once and then dies. Approx 8months. Re-spawns pre dying so that another tree has formed.

    Lychee fruits red

    Very hot after tour, so plenty of swimming time before dinner

    ‘Thunder and lightning very very frightening during dinner. We were under cover and safe, but very loud!
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