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  • Day10

    Merriton rest area

    February 11, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Had trouble again last night with either the Waeco or the deep cycle battery, as the Waeco had shut down and the battery didn’t seem to be charging, so we had to empty the freezer, putting as much as we could into the caravan’s small freezer the rest into the fridge and we will have to eat it this week.
    This morning when we started the Pajero the fridge started up ok so that points to the battery not charging correctly, up until now we had not had any problems with it, but we did have it connected to the caravan so maybe the caravan batteries were helping to cover the Waeco load.
    After leaving Kimba we travelled to Port Augusta, we were looking to find a supplier of weight distribution hitch’s but they only had Hartman Reich models and wanted to charge $900, so we gave that a miss and set off towards Adelaide where we hope we can locate a set for a lower cost. (On the web we can source them for $400 delivered.
    We stopped for the night at Merriton rest area we stopped first up on the left side of the Hwy but then thought maybe we had got the wrong place as WikiCamps map was showing we still had 2kms further to go, this turned out to be very lucky as the first place was in between the Hwy and the train track, the Hwy noise seemed loud as the Road trains went past but that was nothing compared to noise when the train came along.
    Kay had a nice fried rice meal while I had Chicken Tika Masala and rice with a Garlic Naan.
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