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  • Day52

    Fuel station

    December 10, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Yea, it happend again. My tank was half full as I started the was from Gisborne to Te Araroa. Maybe 20km before Te Araroa the tank lighted up. Whaat? That was only a 2h drive. Never mind, there's a fuel station. Haha, I thought, but it didn't worked. I didn't had traffic at all. But my app said there should be another one in this village. It was a campground, no fuel station. Bad i asked the owner of that campground where is the next petrol station. As he asked wich directiom, I answerd: "Anywhere, I need the closest.'' A 10min drive just over the hill should be the next one, but I couldn't find it. That village had a post station, a lotto station and 3 houses. No petrol. The next station, my app said, was 34km away. But I had to get there anyway, so I moved on. 50 to 70 km/h. 1h drive. Zitternd the whole time. Oh I was so aggressive. You can't imagine how I was am fluchen. 😈😂
    At the end I did it. I got to that station. And then..
    My credit card didn't work. Oh no. A man told me it don't accept european cards. WHAAT?? What the f*cking shit is that? I can pay EVERYWHERE with my credit card, at the whole world. That's the reason I have it. Why not? Oh. Still no traffic. I even couldn't call the AA if I wanted to. And then I expected I've got another card. It's the same german bank, but to try it wouldn't make the situation worse. And what the hell? It works! Can you imagine? 😂
    Crazy shit!
    Still don't getting it..
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