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  • Day26

    Bambuda Lodge on Isla Solarte

    January 29 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    Well, we found our slice of heaven. This place is perfect. Cousin Kim didn't steer us wrong.

    This is the type of place where you can just chill out and relax for 3 days and not have a worry in the world. That's pretty much what we did.

    2 Canadian travellers decided to buy this property and fix it up into a hostel a few years back. One of the guys actually wrote a small book to describe the painful process. It's quite a fascinating story. And while there still is a dorm, most of the rooms here are really nice with private baths and great views and balconies.

    There's a nice pool and a variety of people from all over the world that stay here. We've hardly found any Americans on our trip yet though! There's a water slide that goes into the sea, happy hours, fun people, great food, beautiful trees, lots of birds, jungle hikes, snorkeling, kayaks, stand up paddles, and the rare poisonous red frog. I just read there hardly any more of these red frogs on red frog Beach on the next island we're going to, Isla bastimentos.

    We tend to alternate between cheap places and expensive places and while this was on the upper end of our daily budget, it was amazing value. In about an hour we're taking a 10-minute water taxi to Isla bastimentos and we'll stay at Tio Tom's, a place we stayed at 8 years ago. It's a simple place on stilts over the water. We'll see how much things have changed.

    Here's a nice walk-through of the property.

    And here's the path to our room.

    All pics are here.
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