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    September 25 in Singapore ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Veryvery brief visit to this very fancy and overdeveloped country. Texted Jack, a friend from my friend Gala, with whom I'd had some drinks years ago, and asked her if she wanted to get a drink while I was there. She ended up being an amazing host, took me to dinner, made me try a large variety of Singaporean dishes (and didn't let me pay for anything) and showed me around the city with two of her friends. This city is the definition of politeness, cleaness, stableness and everything around the "ideal modern civilization" we might have in mind. You could borrow umbrellas from the metro stations if it rained, there were puffs everywhere on the street so you could relax, and everything looked tidy and in order in all possible ways. Could I leave here? Maybe I'm too spanish for all this control and perfection, but who knows. After my short visit to the city/country had a bit of an adventure back to the airport, where I lost my last train and had to walk for over 7 km (I coulnd't find nor buses or anything to take me), till a very lovely couple offered me a ride and spared me the las 3 km to get there. Even though I got to the airport overexhausted, I also had to do some tourism around it... So went to visit the amazing waterfall inside of it and the butterfly room (but I think they were asleep already when I got there). And ended up spending the night in the cinema room, on a failed attempt to watch dune, and spent my night between the cinema couch and the fluffly floor from the airport. One last stop... And new life beggins!

    🍴Food: eat at the cantines (food is absolutely amazing). Chicken rice (sounds incredibly boring but it tastes like heaven), Laksa, Carrot cake (it has nor carrot nor anything to do with a cake though), satay, noodles, sugar cane
    📍Essentials: watch a movie in the cinema room at the airport, waterfall in the airport, walk around the city (the marina is beautiful)
    💡Tips: eat from the staff cantine in the airport to save some bucks on food
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    🇱🇦 Lao overview ⛰️🫂⏳

    September 24 in Laos ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    🔖 Before you go:
    Be prepared for some adventure, bring a lighter for all the leaches that will accompany you and a very open minded mind for all the simplicity of the country

    🤤 Best food:
    1. Anything with pumpkin (lao's pumpkins are just amazing, such as the currys, soups, kebab's or omeletts)
    2. Lao omelette from smiling Lao
    3. Sticky rice with curry, larb or bamboo

    🛌 Places to stay:
    1. Sanga Hostel (I just lovelovelove the owner and place is super nice)
    2. Naga Hostel (same, owner makes everything just perfect)
    3. Captain Hook (dinner & breakfast included and amazing unique experience)

    📝 Must do:
    1. Visit Captain Hook
    2. Take the ferries and balance yourself out of the water
    3. Go bowling in Luang Prabang

    👁️Top attractions:
    1. Konglor cave
    2. Adventure yourself in Pha Kuang Cave
    3. Watch the fisherman inTad Khone Pa Soi

    ✨Favorite moments:
    1. Sharing moment in LuangPrabang were everyone shared a very private and vulnerable story to the big group of strangers
    2. Bowling in LuangPrabang
    3. Some small moments in NongKhiaw with the people I stayed with

    🔑Something this country taught me:
    Reminder that I love travelling, sometimes I just need to find my own way and not follow what everyone else does

    ♻️Something I've had enough of:
    The similarity of the bills, takes so much time to pay for something

    ⏳Something I will miss:
    Some of the people I met here, south east asia style (the simplicity)

    👣Leaving for next time:
    Vang Vieng, North of the country

    🎁To be remembered:
    The beautiful containers for sticky rice
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    September 22 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    After extending and extending my stay in Nong Khiaw and not really doing mych in it, had to rush all my to do list in one day. Got a haircut, did some shopping so I wouldn't look like a homeless in Australia, finished some burocratic things, visited some malls and a museum, went to the night market with Sarah (a canadian I met in Luang Prabang) and had some indian food, and walkedwalkedwalked, among many other things I had to do. Realising it was my time to leave SouthEast Asia behind made me sad, felt like closing a chapter to start something so new, so radical. The country, the people and the travellers was such an experience (one of my favourite countries for sure), where everything felt wild and simple. Gonna miss many things about this place, without any doubt.

    🏠 Accomodation: Sailomyen Bar & Hostel (not the cheapest option, but really nice installations, nice and different breakfast (a bit too small though), older guests (in the good way), nice location and super nice staff)
    📍Essentials: COPE visitor center
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    COPE….interesante verdad? [Cecilia]

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    Nong Khiaw

    September 15 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Decided to come to this place 10 days before my departure to let myself decide how much I was gonna like this area, and what happened is that... i ended up just not moving from here! To tell the truth I really didn't do that much in here, rested and worked a bit on some things I had to (and way less than I should have). Arrived to the place with a lovely thai couple, but they were staying in a place a bit out of my budget, so I walked and walked until I found a place that looked cozy enough. It was right next to the school, so for that day I was just surrounded by kids who cherished and admired me for longlong time (ai was feeling a mix between uncomfortable and flattered). After that, some people I was with in luang Prabang joined me (Sep, a veryvery special israely guy; the cute french Thiboult and Hortense and Marja, my roomate back in Luang Prabang) plus Loek, and also an israelí girl (Yuvalt) with a kiwi guy (Connor) that I kinda met through someone else. So yes, I ended up giving such good business to the place. We all went on a two day trek with a big group, and hiked a waterfall for about 4 hours after a boat ride and then hiked 3 more hours until the village we slept in after another boat ride and a tuktuk. We had tons of laolao and I had a bit of a confusing night. Day after we hiked through the jungle to the closest village to the river for 5 hours (which was a bit too much for some people (even a very special german man stopped at some point freacking out asking for a helicopter, which I found quite funny), and even hough I enjoyed it I was having a weird and hangover day). It was a long trek because not all the group were very fast and prepared and there were tons of leaches, it was slippery and we didn't have as much water as we would have liked. After lunch many people decided they wanted to skip the last trek, so I went with a few other guys to do it and hiked for around 2 hours and swam on a nice waterfall. To finish our longlong trip we got on a kayak and kayaked our way back to the village (we got there when it was dark even). Stayed some more days on the quite town, still not doing much more, but found a nice pool to swim in in a very beautiful place, did a viwepoint with Loek (were he bet he would be able to smoke 5 cigarettes going up, and was quitequite tough), did a crazy cave were we thought we would get trapped, and mainly enjoyed the group company, had some beers, and had a slow lao pace. As Sep would say, "it's not about the place but about the people", and that's probably why we stayed for so long, even though I had some confusing and emotional days, been surprised about myself (not always in the best meaning of it) lots of procrastination, some tough conversations (also very important) but as well some very nice group feeling, resting time, and very nice connections. And to tell the truth, I would have even stayed longer if I didn't have to leave already.

    🏠 Accomodation: Pho Sai Riverview (not the cheapest accomodation on the area, nor the fanciest, nor most central, right next to the school so manymany kids and sometimes a bit too loud like weekends the market starts at 3 in the morning. Nevertheless the place is right in front of the river, with a hammock on the balcony and very cute simple room, the owners are never there so its like you rented a house to live there, so I really liked the place despite everything else)
    🍴Food: place right before crossing the river (cheap, big and good), Qbar (backpackers place where you can meet everyone else, really nice three floors so very nice views and nice food and drinks, but very slow and a bit expensive), mandala ou resort (the hint of this place is that if there's no guests you can use the swimmingpool which is absolutely amazing and the owner is very sweet and chill), Dellillah's (amazing breakfasts, but the owner is a bit weird, we called the place Malkovich (he looked like him), Colours (nice owner, not the cheapest either but good food)
    📍Essentials: treking with NK tiger tours (we did a two days trek in the jungle which was nice but too big of a group and not everyone was in good shape, but we got to hike a lotlot and see planty of the surroundings like waterfalls, lots of laolao (maybe even a bit too much) kayak and good local food. Ask for Tom, amazing tourguide), Pha Kuang Cave Adventure (you must be fit and NOT claustrophobic at all, lao people used to hide here on the IndoChina war, such an adventure to see this place, some parts of the cave are as narrow as you body (for real I thought we wouldn't make it), Pha Daeng Peak Viewpoint (beautiful 360° views, we did it for sunset and was super nice)
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    Gorgeus !!! 🌸

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    Luang Prabang

    September 13 in Laos ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Arriving to Luang Prabang was at the beginning a bit disappointing because I was back to tourism, english, and lots of people. Just arrived to my hostel felt a bad vibe and for some reason, even though I could see how the city was beautiful, got a bad inicial feeling. Nevertheless I was meeting the dutch guy I met before, and also started to meet more and more nice people. Mingled around the city for the first two days, and the second night I ended up bowling with some people and had soso much fun (even did a bit of dangerous drunk archery) and the day after, gathered a lot of people together, and went to visit and swim a beautiful waterfall (even with a bear rescue center inside)! After that, I had a laolao (the local alcohol) bottle left from the previous night that we didn't finish, and gathered all the people I had in my new circle and promised them a nice cocktail. We ate in the night market some good korean food (and also a bit weird), made everyone gather all the ingredients I needed, and went back to the hostel with almost 15 people that I didn't even know. It was such a fun night, we played a game about questions, at some point a belgium guy said he wanted to make a question for everyone, which was "what was the biggest heartbreak we've had in our lives". This turned into one of the most sincere and beautiful group conversations I've had. where we all shared, listened, understood and became a small family in just a moment, even though we were complete strangers. It was such a special moment, that reminded me a little bit of home and "les rodes de sentiment del cau", and made me feel a really good feeling of nostalgia. In conclusion, all my bad feelings and prejudices of the place turned out to be pointing towards the opposite direction as it should. Next morning woke up at 5 in the morning to go see the morning alms, the monks walking on their orange attires gathering sticky rice from all the offerings of local people on the street (no one else dared to join me, which was even nice cause I was the only tourist following them). And after that, had breakfast with Loek, the dutch guy (because we made a bet so he just woke up at 7 so I would lose), and got on a bus towards nature and quiet, with my heart a bit more full after the beautiful bonds I had just made in a few hours.

    📍Essentials: walk around the old quarter, bowlling alley, Kuang Si Waterfall, morning aims (from 5.30-6.30h morning on the main street everyday)
    🏠 Accomodation: Downtown Backpacker's Hostel (vvery basic, but very cheap with nice breakfast and lots of backpackers)
    🍴Food: korean food night market
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    You are a very brave woman .


    Beautiful landscapes and waterfalls !!! Enjoy !!! 🍀

    Maravilloso Luang Prabang … que nostalgia [Cecilia]

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    Thakek Loop

    September 8 in Laos ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Went up towards the center of the country to do a motorbike loop, where Victor, the french guy accompanied me (even though he did the loop already, he decided to do it again), but since he had to be in Vietnam before the 14th, I decided to take him towards the frontier during the loop and do the other half on my own. The bus ride from Pakse was the longest in my life (they turned a 5 hour ride into 12), so it was also the most productive one I've ever had, watched a movie, called everyone I had to, planned my next steps... and plenty of more things. We arrived to Takhek, and the owner of the hostel, a lovely vietnamese man, was so happy to see Victor again and I also met a dutch guy I had met in Pakse weeks before. So we did the first part slowly, stopping first in a beautiful spot near the river, where we had a beautiful bungalow complex only for ourselves! And the next day we camped in front of a lake in a national park (after having a bit too many beers). On the third day I dropped him at the nearest town to Vietnam, and hoped him for the best (ai was a bit worried because he was quite a disaster, but for my peace of mind he made it with a vietnamese family), and continued on my own until a beautiful town where I slept my last night of the loop. You drive surrounded by limestone mountains, getting the chanxe to stop in beautiful viewpoints and visit fantastic caves. As everything, some sections where beautiful, some other not so much, some where fun to drive and some a bit too long, some caves fantastic and others a bit of waste of money. The last cave though, was absolutely incredible, a boat takes you kilometers and kilometers on a massive cave (biggest I've seen in my life) only with a headtorch (so veryvery dark), while you realise that your life is in this lao's boatman hands (it was a bit more dramatic because I was the only person there and the boat didn't feel so safe, either the amount of rocks everywhere or his illuminating system). on the night before, I slept alone in a beautiful bungalow surrounded by huge mountains and green rice fields, and woke up to buffalos and chickens singing in the garden. Dragon cave was also super nice, I was the only person there, again, and I felt like I was in the horrocrux cave of Harry Potter. After that i climbed a really nice viewpoint (it said trek, but nono it was a climb), and because I made the mistake to do it in flipflops, enjoyed it more time on the ground than actually standing. Finally I was back in the starting point, and got eeady for my long journey to the north, but before, got invited for dinner with the owner and his wife and had some last laughs with them.

    🏠 Accomodation: ThongDam Guesthouse (really cheap and nice, hammoks and nice view super close to the cave, and they make very nice breakfasts, the place is run by like a 13 year old which is weird but she speaks a bit of english (I swear I didn't see a single adult during the whole time, she cleaned, cooked, did the check in...), Rent a tent from Phosy Talang (they prepare everything and you can sleep in front of the lake so nice, if not apparently Sabaidee guesthouse is also nice), Thafalang (really pretty cabins, we where there completely alone) , Naga Hostel (supersupersuper nice owner, very nice place to stay in)
    📍Essentials: Kong Lor Cave, Dragon Cave, drive near the Nakai-Nam Theun National Park
    📢 Travelling tips: tuktuk drivers will try to overcharge your from the bus station because its your only way out, ot should be 20 kips per person, no more.
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    Estàs taaaan maca!!! 😍 [Albert Safont-Tria]

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    Don Det (4000 islands)

    September 2 in Laos ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    Completely alone in this beautiful ghost island. You could see how this place used to be the tourist meca, but now you can only see the dust from what it used to be. Met two german guys and a crazy french right before getting ready for my bus to the islands, and ended up discovering the island with them. We didn't do much, really. Just enjoy the island vibe, relax, drink, swim in the pool of a cute hostel, eat and repeat. We investigated a bit around the area, and I hugged a cow (big dream of mine) and saw an amazing sunset. We took some bikes once to investigate the island and its neighbour and until we crossed a bridge that was holding itself by some thinthin pieces and reached a waterfall where some fisherman were risking their lives showing off their acrobat abilities and putting big cages inside a waterfall no matter how strong was the stream nor the tough weather conditions, aftert that, sitting under a cover in the fire and enjoying a nice cigarrete where their friend was waiting for them.

    🍴Food: Smiling Lao (amazing pumpking kebab and omelets), Emily Noodle, Mama Tanon
    🏠 Accomodation: Smiling Lao (really cheap, very chill place with hammok and nice owners), Mama Tanon (same idea for same price, less privacy and space but wifii and closer to everything)
    📍Essentials: ride a bike around the islands, go see the fisherman risk their lives fishing on the waterfall, sunset
    💡Some facts: you used to be able to see the dolphins from the Mekong, but the last one died in february, so you can only see the very last few from Katie (in Cambodia)
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    Uf! Esperemos no tengas prisa! [Cecilia]



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    September 1 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Beautiful Khmer temple hidden in a charming riverside village, surrounded by green mountains and even greener rice fields. In this place you get to know a little bit the deep history of Laos starting from the khmer empire and enjoy the fantastic surroundings. To get there had to take an interesting ferry (I thought it was an old pier, but ended up being the ferry where my bike and another car got transported through the mekong, somehow, all in one pice) and drove back in the beautiful lao scenario to Pakse.

    📍Essentials: Wat Phou, drive through the rice fields
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