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  • Day18

    Stockholm Sweden

    June 7, 2019, North Sea ⋅ 🌫 13 °C

    Sailing into Stockholm on a crystal clear morning calm as glass. Breathtaking!
    The sun has not really set in is light all night as we are within a couple of weeks of the eqinox . It is amazing to see the sun set after 11pm. The temp today 30C..clear and hot.
    Paul and I enjoyed a leisurely walk around the old town this morning as our tour was not till the afternoon. Fun to see Swedish Fika everwhere..the tradition of coffee and a pastry I remember hearing from our students.
    It is evident Sweden is a very wealthy city with an abundance of talented professionals. Many doctors train here at the university of Stockholm and excellent facilities abound.
    We visited the city hall where the Noble prizes are awarded..quite awe inspiring. I took a pic of Paul in the couryard where so many great minds have stood...saying that is where he could be awarded the Nobel prize for Quality Lol!!
    There are 10 mill in Sweden..2.2 in Stockholm ..they are members of EU but not of Nato. We were told the citizens wish they were as their neighbour to the east is a concern for all.
    There are 14 islands 60 canals. 57 is hard to get around lots of traffic issues.
    It is a very old city dating back to 1252. It is home to many writers journalists and scientists.
    Stockholm..very expensive..dinner out 120E average meal
    Housing very expensive pepple spend 45 percent of their income on housing. They pay some of the highest tax in Europe.. .
    We loved the vibe and found it very picturesque. Wish we had more time here.
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