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  • Day401

    No, not quite the end.

    December 2, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I was going to start another trip in FindPenguins but it was too difficult, so I will just keep going.
    Which is what its all about really.
    After "The End" it took a couple of months to sell the Renault van and get visas, tickets, vaccinations etc as I planned a roundabout route back to Oz . Fortune had smiled on me for, 2 days after I had sold the van, the new owner sent me an SMS informing me that the clutch had broken.
    I set off on 30 Nov after having been pampered and fed by my big sister and b.i.l whilst I enjoyed the rain in Sussex and visiting nephews and nieces. Foolishly I had booked to leave Gatwick on Sunday morning, totally forgetting the interminable problems with Souther Rail. No trains early on Sunday morning, and the last train on Saturday turned out to be 2 trains and an intermediate bus journey. Good fortune stayed with me for everything was on-time, I found in the marbled caverns of Gatwick South a small piece of carpet on which to have a kip, the 2 Turkish Airlines flights taking me to Dar es Salaam via Istanbul kept to the chedule and I arrived at 2 in the morning of Mon.
    Istanbul airport is very long and the only way of knowing you are not in Dubai or Singapore is that Duty Free prices are posted in Euros, (though unfortunately coffee is in TLira.)
    Everybody knows that airlines lease aircraft from fleet management companies and there is very little difference in quality between them. Dynamic seat pricing and allocation was one of the first centralised facilities, followed quickly by food supplied local caterers to an international standard of flavour. Savvy airlines have gone one step further and now lease their waitresses and waiters (specially trained to comfort you if the plane falls from 30,000 ft altitude after an accident,) from a central pool, ensuring uniformity of quality and presentation (smile, illustrations of lifejacket assembly, advanced trolley management etc) Thus each airline can focus on the important things, like what to wear, brand management, advertising strategies and free flights for employees.
    This is Any Airline and probably a member of the Star Alliance. So in choosing your flights, worry not about the safety and track record of the carrier but ask, "Is it Any Airline rebranded "? You will not go far wrong.
    And yes, Turkish is Any Airline and the stewards oufits are distinguished by melted, fire engine red berets and modernised janissary costumes.
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