• Day10

    Logroños 12 miles (100 total!)

    July 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

    Listen to my body.
    Let go.
    Hold on.
    Feel safe to be vulnerable. Be vulnerable to feel safe.
    Keep on moving

    Today was “Serene Solace” as my dad called it. As I left the tiny village this morning, I felt a bit uncomfortable in my body but soon shook the pain.

    I love this journey and the excitement of the unknown, just steps ahead of me. Every turn, every new Camino arrow showing me the way, heading west with the sun at my back….pure happiness. 🌞⬅️

    Today is a TREAT YO SELF day. I’m staying in a private room with a fancy shower and BIG bed with a beautiful balcony looking out over the busy town. Tomorrow will be about 17 miles and I’m ready for it!

    Also I ate 2 donuts, a bag of strange Doritos, 3 café con leches, and a double scoop ice cream cone. #adulting #iburn2000caloriesaday #treatyoself

    PS I hit 100miles today!! 400 to go!
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    Danielle Shaw

    I love your smile here. You are glowing!

    Naila Lundstrom

    Ahhh! Treat your self day must have felt so nice!! 😍❤️🎉


    You look so happy, at peace, and rested! The adventure is definitely agreeing with you. Hugs!

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