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  • Day8


    November 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ❄️ 28 °F

    STUCK IN PENN... SERIOUSLY!! NO CHAINS!! On our way to get some in Carlisle PA.. All gone!! Just down the street get stuck in snow had Fletch watching my Rt side almost backed into a tree.. GOOD LOOKING OUT!! REALLY?? One thing i needed him to do..Now REALLY STUCK!! Soooo waiting for Maintenance hotline.. on hold ohhh 20 mins now... this is after being waken up after 4 1/2 hrs sleep because he thought id would b a good idea to take his 30 parking straight into a VERY SMALL gas station parking lot NOT TRUCKING.. Guess who had to figure that one out and fix!! Then 1hr later said was fatigued so i took over or we would NEVER make the drop on time!! I SERIOUSLY think he just didn't want to drive in the mountains while it was raining and snowing... but I KILLED IT!! I wouldn't of wanted him to drive anyway.. He scares me!!😡😤😫



    STUCK! ALL 3 of us..

    And our HEROS!!
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