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  • Day9

    I F-ING HATE NJ!!!

    November 16, 2018 in the United States β‹… ☁️ 41 Β°F

    Ok..So i tried to make this REALLY TIGHT TURN AND... Didnt quite make it.. Didn't hit a car, didn't hit a person, kinda hit one of those hanging lights, and scrached the trailer w/ a post slight damage... just scraches.. that or it was gonna be a guard rail... so i asked Fletcher what i hit since he was rideing bitch and was suppose to be watching for me.. said hanging light.. but its ok.. so i drove down to shipper DID AN AWESOME DOCK, BTW!! Pictures below... and wadda you know 2 COPS SWOOP IN LIKE HELLA CRAZY.. They looked like Mikey's.. took info left.. then like 45 mins ANOTHER 1 come older looks and sounds PISSED... Anyway i put on the sad face while he was writing the ticket.. sad face musta worked.. i told him we are both new and believe it or not I was the better driver of us 2!! He gave me crazy sideways look. Then gave me careless driving citation.. $85. Told me driving away from accident mandatory court appearance.. SOOOO LUCKY!! Thank you Mr. Coper!!! Ok... NJ not so bad

    OTher side of the truck for you Mikey!!
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