• Jul14

    Day 19 - The Mill House

    July 14, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Today was an easy day. We all slept in and then got some food. We got tacos and I only ate two. When I get home I’m only eating salads and such for awhile. All this bbq and Mexican is just not good to me anymore! We then found a humongous football field at the high school and threw the Aerobie again for about an hour until it starting raining.

    We then went back to our rooms and got ready. We decided to go to the place our second gig was at and set up as much as we could so we didn’t have to rush over. While doing so all the main stage gigs were cancelled so we sat around for a few hours. I got some pizza that was kind of not good. Makes me miss Portland Pie. I then went outside and saw a cotton candy stand selling popcorn. I got one for each of us.

    We had an interesting thing happen where some dude brought in a guitar and had us all sign it for him. Ben and one of his band mates showed up plus one of Doug’s friends from Cortez who recently moved elsewhere for a job. He told us about it and his crypto currency adventures.

    The gig went smoothly. After some drunk musicians talked to us for an hour and wouldn’t leave. One dude told me I must get a smaller kit like Gene Krupa (who used a big one). They left and we went back to the hotel, bringing some dude who couldn’t find an Uber after his gig.

    Today as of writing this is our last date on this tour. Blind Willy’s in Atlanta, GA.
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