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  • Day37

    Hello koh samui!

    October 8, 2016 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We've arrived at the beach! Man it takes all day to get anywhere around here. We left our hotel in Chiang Mai at 8am and arrived at this hotel (Lamai Wanta) at 830pm. Makes sense when you consider we took a taxi, a plane to Bangkok where we had to get and recheck our luggage, plane to Surat Thani, bus to the dock, ferry to koh samui and then mini bus to the hotel. Sheesh! We grabbed some dinner and are chilling on our deck having a Chang beer. This hotel seems lovely in the dark. We will see what the beach looks like tomorrow. We splurged a bit on this hotel as we figure we won't really be spending money lying on the beach reading.

    Oh and that blue sign means "no durians" not "no Grenades". We've seen similar signs everywhere due to their offensive smell. We have tried them. It's weird but not terrible. Xoxo
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    Nicola Campbell

    Just for next time.... there are direct flights between kph Samui and Bangkok... a little more $$ but worth it ;) Happy you made it to those islands! You're gonna love it

    Time for a reset

    Yea we looked into that and opted for the more budget option. The flights with layovers were still and extra 100$ per ticket. The direct ones.... Like 200$. Would have saved had we booked earlier that a week before...but plans are fluid here! Xoxo

    Time for a reset

    Probably a good idea to book that way back to Bangkok though.....