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  • Day84

    Lady Elliot Island

    September 8, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We arrived at the Bunderberg airport at 8:00am and took a plane to the island. We did a few loops of the island, (the coral was absolutely amazing). When we landed a Manager took us on a tour around the island. The only thing on the island was the resort and you could walk around the outside of the island in about 40mins.
    We got to our cabin and walked down to the equipment hire and hired some snorkels and some flippers for free. If you wanted to hire a wetsuit it was about $13 and all the equipment we could keep for our whole stay.
    Then we walked over to the activity chart and we booked the glass bottom boat tour. We had our lunch and went snorkelling. We saw 4 logger head turtles and 3 black tipped sharks, lots of colourful coral and fish and we got swarmed by a group of ginormous fish.
    At the buffet we had lots to eat and then walked back to our cabins.
    The next morning we were out snorkelling in the lagoon, (you can only snorkel here at high tide). There wasn't as much fish in the lagoon as around the lighthouse. We got out and these birds called the Common Noddy were absolutely everywhere.
    We were having our buffet breakfast and these little quail things (the park calls them "Buffet Bandits"), were under the table and trying to steal our meals.
    We walked over to the glass bottomed boat and the tour guide took us out looking for mantra rays but we didn't find any but we did find a sleeping turtle. Then we stopped and went snorkeling around that area. After lunch the plane arrived and we set back off for Bunderberg.
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