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  • Day40

    Gravelly Beach

    December 14, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Stopping here tonight. It's a free camp spot and we are right on the water - there's a skate park and kids park right next door so the kids had a good play there this afternoon ( before Alby attempted to ride his bike down a skate ramp and fell off! ). Meeting up with Dingo and Tracey again tomorrow.
    Before we left Stanley this morning we visited the old graveyard right next to the beach and 'the nut' mountain. There were graves from the mid 1800's there. Very interesting and a bit creepy!
    The first two pictures are from where we are now and the others are from today before we left Stanley. I also found out that some of the movie ' a light between two oceans' was shot there! I loved that movie!!
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    Jenny HAYNES

    The boys have grown! I just want to squeeze hug them! We got your postcard, thank you! Addy wants to send you one, but obviously can't so she's going to make one and I'll send you a photo of it haha! Gorgeous photos. Big hugs to you all xx

    Karen Adam

    You look very relaxed 😀, love the pictures! Xx 🏕