• Day2

    Cyprus 1

    May 3, 2018 in Cyprus ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    A a slightly late start whilst we recovered from the journey. Cars handed over and we went off to the tomb of the Kings. This was ptolemaic era burial area largely for the administrative level people. Much of the area has been lost to quarrying but there are some good tombs left. It is a large site not far from the coast and there were some nice views. Some of the tombs were quite extensive and could have contained a lot of bodies. Even in the most accessible ones though the general public were only allowed into the first or occasionally second chamber. In the end the 32 degree heat and bright sun was too hot for us and we retreated back to Paphos for lunch. We flopped into the first cafe we found and munched salad.

    Afterwards we purchased hats(me and beth, sandals (libby ) and wine (Danny) as required before heading back to the hotel. We deposited our purchases and went to test the pool. A perfect temperature and not too busy as the season is still fairly low. A little light swimming and much reading before going off to get ready for dinner.

    Came down to find everyone assembled and a card waiting for me, as soon as I arrived the waiter was summoned for champagne and my upcoming wedding was celebrated. The combo of spritzers, champagne and a short night previously, left us happy to test the hotel buffet for supper. Extensive and inexpensive it was perfect for our first night. We followed this with a quiz provided by Paddy, Margaret.,Libby and I against Beth, Danny and Isabel.. We won!
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